MyMail Login & Password Tips

  • To log in, use your MultiPass credentials (Mines username + MultiPass password) at
    NOTE: Your username must be entered using lowercase letters.
  • For the Username field on the login page, enter only your username, not your email address. (For example, enter jdoe, not If you enter your email address, you will get the following error:
            Login Failure: Cannot locate KDC
  • Email sent to you using [your_username] and to [your_username] will be delivered to your MyMail account. In the former case, Mines will scan the message for spam first. In the latter case, the mail will go straight to your MyMail inbox.
  • You can reset your MultiPass password (which is used to log into MyMail via the web) at
  • If you are unable to change your MultiPass password via Identity Self-Service, your password can be reset by an administrator. Drop by or call the Technical Support Center in the Computer Commons (CTLM 156; 303-384-2345).
  • You can get a new MyMail IMAP/POP password for mail clients (eg, smartphone mail app, Outlook, Thunderbird) by selecting "Manage Your Account" > "Configure my Gmail IMAP/POP password" at
  • If you are still having problems, please drop by the Computer Commons Front Desk (CTLM 156A), or open a Mines Help Center Request at
  • If you submit a Mines Help Center request.... you must include a way for support staff to contact you other than through your MyMail account.
    • Administrators will not send your password via email from the Mines Help Center.
    • Since you can not access your MyMail account, you would not be able to read an email reply to your MyMail account until after your password was reset.



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