IT Tip: Network Registration

How do I register my new computer, tablet or smartphone on the Mines network?

Here's the Quick-and-Easy answer:

  • You'll need your Mines username and MultiPass.  (Use all lowercase letters for your username.)
  • Point your new device's web browser at
  • Register once for wifi access for main campus (CSMwireless) and the residence halls (ResNetWireless). 
  • For devices that do not have a web browser, register them manually using a different device with a web browser at
  • NOTE: Known problem... May not work properly with Chrome web browser. Please use an alternate web browser.

For more detailed information, see the FAQfinder entry: 
       How do I register my computer, tablet, or phone on the campus network?

For more detailed information for registering XBox, XBox 360, or Playstation 3 on the campus WiFi, see:
       Console Registration Information

For additional information or help, see:



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