The week of August 7 will see some changes to wireless networks available on the Mines campus

Beginning the week of August 7th, two major changes are happening to wireless networking at Mines. First, there will be a new wireless network called “eduroam” available throughout the campus and residence halls. This encrypted network provides free WiFi for visitors from other participating educational and non-profit institutions, and to you, when you visit participating institutions. Second, we will be replacing the two residential wireless networks (ResNetWireless and MinesParkWireless ) with CSMwireless. For more details, read on...

Over the course of the week of the 7th, CCIT Networking will be rolling out a new wireless network called “eduroam” to the Mines campus. Eduroam’s primary purpose is to provide guest WiFi to visitors from other participating institutions, and to members of the Mines community when they visit those participating institutions. Additionally, when members of the Mines community use eduroam on the Mines campus, they will get an encrypted wireless connection that works just like CSMwireless (no re-registration required.)

In order to use eduroam, you must download the Mines profile from Follow the on-screen directions to download the correct profile for your institution and operating system. When installing the eduroam profile and/or using eduroam for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. This will be your MultiPass username/password.  When entering your username, it must be of the form

Once your device is properly configured for eduroam, you should be able to connect to an eduroam wireless network anywhere in the world that it’s offered. Additional information will be made available at

Beginning on Tuesday the 8th of August will be replacing ResNetWireless with CSMwireless. We need to make these changes building by building, so the precise timing will vary by location. Later in the week, we will be performing the same operation for MinesParkWireless. If your device is one that has visited campus before, and is already setup for CSMwireless, no action should be required on your part. If your device has never connected to CSMwireless, you will need to explicitly choose CSMwireless from the list of available wireless networks. You will not need to re-register. The new connection should start working immediately.

By providing CSMwireless throughout the Mines campus, people will experience more seamless connectivity as they move between residence halls, dining facilities and academic buildings.
If you have any questions or concerns, please open a help desk ticket ( or contact .


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