145: How do I configure Thunderbird to access Mines Exchange calendar?

The free and open-source email client Thunderbird can access not only Mines Exchange email but also your Mines Exchange calendar. To access Exchange calendar via Thunderbird requires installing and configuring two free "add-ons": Lightning (a calendar plugin for Thunderbird) and Exchange EWS Provider (a tool to link Lightning to your Exchange calendar). Here's how:

Start Thunderbird and click Tools > Add-ons. In the "Search all add-ons" window, search for "Lightning." Click the Install button to the right of the Lightning entry to install this add-on.

Next, download the Exchange EWS Provider add-on from its own website at https://github.com/Ericsson/exchangecalendar/wiki/Exchange-EWS-Provider. (We recommend downloading the newest non-beta version available.) Return to the Thunderbird Tools > Add-ons page and click the "gear" icon at upper-right to see the drop-down menu. Choose the "Install Add-on from File..." option and browse to the Exchange EWS Provider .xpi file you just downloaded. Select and install it.

Once these plugins are installed Thunderbird should show an email tab and a calendar tab (you may have to restart Thunderbird to see the new setup).

To link Thunderbird and Lightning to your Exchange calendar:

  1. Click File > New > Calendar and choose the "On the network" option. Click Continue.
  2. Pick the "Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013" option and click Continue.
  3. Type a name for your new calendar, like "Mines Exchange Calendar," choose a calendar color and an associated email address. (Leave the "Show reminders" option checked if you want Thunderbird to remind you of appointments.) Click Continue.
  4. Choose the Hosted Exchange option, type in your Mines email address, and this exact server URL (this is key): https://exchange.mines.edu/EWS/Exchange.asmx
  5. On the same dialog box, add your Mines username (the portion of your email address before @mines.edu) and the domain name: adit
  6. Click the "Check server and mailbox" button to fill in other blanks automatically and then click Continue. You're done. Your Mines Exchange calendar should begin to populate your Thunderbird/Lightning calendar page after a few seconds.

To tweak settings, check Thunderbird Preferences for Lighting and Exchange EWS Provider configuration options.

If you have difficulty with any part of this process, feel free to ask for help via the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" at https://helpdesk.mines.edu.

See this FAQfinder item for instructions on configuring Thunderbird to access Mines Exchange email: http://ccit.mines.edu/faq144. Thunderbird email should be configured prior to setting up calendar access.

These FAQfinder items apply to Exchange email and calendar -- used primarily by Mines Faculty and Staff.


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