137: How do I subscribe to Mines Calendar? What specific steps do I take to add Mines Calendar to my calendar program?

Mines Calendar may be viewed on the web at http://inside.mines.edu (scroll down) or at http://inside.mines.edu/calendar (full interface). Mines Calendar events can also be "imported" or "subscribed to" using various popular calendar programs. Generally, follow the steps noted below for Google Calendar. Other calendar programs -- Exchange Calendar, Apple Calendar, and the like -- will use a similar process.


  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, click the down-arrow next to the "Other Calendars" label.
  3. Select "Add by URL" and insert the following URL: http://inside.mines.edu/cms/program/calendar/ical-rss.php?type=ical&pageid=25306
  4. Click the "Add Calendar" button. (Do not check the "Make Calendar Publicly Accessible" box, unless you are very sure what this means. In general, leave it unchecked.)
  5. Mines Calendar will appear in your list. To configure the calendar further (change its displayed name, its color, and so on), click the down-arrow to the right of the new calendar and choose "Calendar Settings."

Most calendar programs that can read and process "ical-type" calendar feeds can see and integrate the output from Mines Calendar. If your particular calendar program is not listed above, search its Help function for instructions on subscribing to "iCal" calendar feeds. Mines Calendar is available here: http://inside.mines.edu/cms/program/calendar/ical-rss.php?type=ical&pageid=25306

For more on Mines Calendar itself, see FAQfinder entry 136: What is Mines Calendar? (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq136).


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