136: What is Mines Calendar? How can I access the calendar? Can I subscribe to it with my favorite calendar program?

Mines Calendar is the master campuswide events calendar found at http://inside.mines.edu and http://inside.mines.edu/calendar. It is a one-stop collection of major events of interest to the entire Mines community. It is useful in scheduling new events so as not to conflict with previously scheduled ones.

Mines Calendar can be accessed via the web interfaces noted above. You may also subscribe to the full Mines Calendar list of events using most calendar programs, such as Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and various other programs at this address: http://inside.mines.edu/cms/program/calendar/ical-rss.php?type=ical&pageid=25306 

See FAQfinder entry  #137: "How do I subscribe to Mines Calendar?" (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq137) for more information on specific procedures.

Each category or "feed" in the Mines Calendar is generated by a different process and populated by different people. Current feed categories include:

  • "General" -- events sponsored by the school administration or events that don't fit neatly into other categories; Mines Public Relations and academic departments may insert events into this feed
  • "Lectures" -- public presentations of general interest to the Mines community; again, Mines Public Relations and academic departments may insert events into this feed
  • "Students" -- items of interest particularly to students are found here; the source of this feed is the student portal OrgSync, which is administered by Student Life
  • "Athletics" -- Mines sporting events; the Mines Athletic Department is responsible for this feed


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