120: What calendars can I use to keep track of my appointments?

There are several possible places to keep your calendar information.

For personal calendars...

  • Students are encouraged to use the calendar associated with their MyMail account.
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the calendar associated with their Exchange mail account.
  • For groups who are using portal resource calendars for room or equipment scheduling (e.g., a departmental meeting rooms or lab equipment):

If you need a resource calendar that students, staff and non-Mines users can schedule (e.g., for lab equipment), we recommend that you use Google Calendars.  Detailed instructions can be found in:

  • Setting up a Google calendar as a Mines resource calendar: FAQfinder FAQ #122, (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq122).
  • Setting up a shared Google resource calendar: FAQfinder FAQ #121 (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq121).
  • If you need a resource calendar to be scheduled only by staff members (and not students), we recommend that you request an Exchange resource calendar.  For more information on setting up an Exchange resource calendar, see FAQfinder FAQ #123 (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq123). 

Campus special event room scheduling is managed by a number of different departments, but the Reservations page is a good place to start when requesting a room reservation on campus: http://reservations.mines.edu


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