106: I'm a Mines student. Should I use my @mines.edu or my @mymail.mines.edu email address?

Students (and, in fact, Mines employees as well) should advertise their username in this format: username@mines.edu

While student MyMail addresses in the form username@mymail.mines.edu will also work, MyMail accounts will be removed after the student graduates. If students advertise their streamlined @mines.edu address, they may be able to keep their Mines email address indefinitely in some cases. (Currently, Mines graduate students who have published papers with their @mines.edu email address may avail themselves of a new "Email for Life" service now being rolled out. This service may be extended to other students in the future. But, again, this long-lasting personal email address would be in the form username@mines.edu -- not username@mymail.mines.edu.)


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