102: How do I use the CCIT Spam Filter System?

The preferences tab in the CCIT Spam Filter system (https://cardea.mines.edu) will help you customize your particular spam identification and scoring preferences. These can be configured by using your username and password to log on to your spam filtering account.

The CCIT spam system may identify legitimate email as spam if it has certain spam-like characteristics; messages sent to a lot of different recipients, for instance, may resemble spam. To receive legitimate email that is erroneously marked as spam, modify your whitelist, a special listing of known senders whose email you wish to receive. Conversely and occasionally, spam may be identified as legitimate email. To block email messages from known spam sources, modify your blacklist, a listing of known senders whose email you wish not to receive in any circumstances.

If you need help configuring your preferences, please submit a request via the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" (http://helpdesk.mines.edu). Due to overwhelming time constraints, CCIT can not administer personal whitelists and blacklists for individual users. If you wish to maintain them, you will need to administer them.



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