101: How do I configure whitelists and blacklists on the CCIT Spam Filter (http://cardea.mines.edu) system?

The Mines spam-management system will, occasionally, incorrectly mark email and generate a false positive or a false negative for spam. To fine-tune spam management, configure whitelists to deliver false positive spam and blacklists to block false negative spam. These options, and others, are accessed by logging in to your CCIT Spam Filter (http://cardea.mines.edu) account and designating specific messages for whitelist or blacklist. Here are some examples:

  • If you whitelist yourfriend@yourfriend.com, the spam manager will not ever designate email from this address as spam.
  • If you whitelist maillinglist@maillist.com, the spam manager will not ever mark email sent to you as part of this mailing list as spam. Mailing list emails are often misidentified as spam because they are sent to many addresses simultaneously.
  • If you whitelist colostate.edu the spam manager will never mark email from anyone at "colostate.edu" as spam. In addition, any Colorado State affiliated domain, like someone@econ.colostate.edu will also be whitelisted.
  • If you blacklist annoying@spammer.com the spam manager will always mark email sent to you from this one email address as spam.
  • If you blacklist spammer.com the spam manager will always mark email received from any address at spammer.com as spam.


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