050: How do I find things or people on the Mines website?

To find a Mines department or office, start on the Inside Mines homepage (http://inside.mines.edu/) and click "Academic Depts" or "Administrative Depts" or other applicable link on that page.

Or use the search box at the upper-right of most Mines web pages.

  • For a full "site search," just type a search term into the box and click Submit.
  • For a "people search" of all faculty, staff, and students, type at least a few letters of the person's first or last name into the search box, select the "People" option below the search window, and click Submit.
  • For an advanced "people search" options, visit the Mines Personnel Search Page (https://webapps.mines.edu/DirSearch/).

If, after using the various search tools, you still can't find the person or office you are looking for, try to locate an office or an individual contact for directed help. Most Mines web pages include individual, group, or department contact information.


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