028: Why can't I send email from my home computer to off-campus email addresses?

To send email via Mines servers when off campus, there are these main options:

  1. Using a web browser, log into the Mines Virtual Private Network (https://vpn.mines.edu) first and start a full VPN connection. At that point, your computer is effectively part of the Mines network and standard Mines email settings and email programs will work, even if physically off campus. Note that if you have never before logged into the VPN, some configuration will be required the first time. If necessary, please submit a Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" (http://helpdesk.mines.edu) support request for help in setting up your VPN.
  2. Faculty and staff may access Exchange Mail through a web browser and the Microsoft Outlook Web App, or MOWA, web interface (https://exchange.mines.edu) instead of a desktop email program. In this case, you will access the Mines network and servers directly.
  3. Students may access their MyMail (http://mymail.mines.edu) account through this web-based interface and do not first need to start the VPN.

Why is the Mines network and email system configured to block access in this way? In order to prevent spammers from using Mines email servers to forward spam, our servers block the relay of mail to and from any non-mines.edu system. If you connect to the campus network through an external Internet Service Provider -- a non-mines.edu system -- this will affect you. However, if you connect through a system attached either to the Mines network (such as web-based MOWA or MyMail email) or through the Mines VPN and a regular email client, as described above, your email will function properly.

Several other -- generally rare -- problems may affect your ability to send and receive Mines email at home. If problems persist, please submit a Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" (http://helpdesk.mines.edu) support request and we will work through the problem with you.


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