Security Contacts

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Security Contacts

If you are currently experiencing a loss of service as a result of traffic from the CSM network, please call the Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) front desk at (303) 273-3431.

If you are not currently experiencing a loss of service, then the most appropriate way of contacting the Mines Office of Information Security and Privacy (OISP) is to use one of our email aliases. These aliases are monitored during business hours by OISP staff to ensure a timely response to your question or complaint.

For all security related questions or complaints, please use security@Mines.EDU.
For questions regarding CSM's information privacy policies or procedures, please use privacy@Mines.EDU.

Encryption and Digital Signatures
Our office can handle most standard methods for encryption and digital signing, and encourages anyone wishing to communicate with us to at least sign any communications.

You should expect a digital signature on all communication from us to be signed. If you would like email from us encrypted, please included an encryption key in your communication.

Our public key, which we will use for signatures and which can be used to encrypted messages to us is available in:

Contacting us directly
Although we encourage you to contact us using one of the two aliases listed above, if you need to contact us directly:

Dr. Phil Romig
Post: 1500 Illinois Street, Golden, CO, 80401
Email: promig3@Mines.EDU
Phone: 303.273.3866


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