Cyber Security Awareness Presentation, October 31, 2017

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Cyber Security Awareness Presentation, October 31, 2017

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Zombies Want Your Brain!

How bad people are after your stuff on the Internet

Presented By: Steve Ardern, CCIT security guru

When: Halloween (Tuesday, October 31, 2017), 4-5 PM

Where: Marquez Hall 126

Prizes: Drawings for a Raspberry Pi 3 and multiple micro-drones.*

Food: A pre-supper snack of sandwiches, cookies, and drinks to keep everyone ticking through this late-afternoon event. And grab yourself a handful of Halloween candy.

Dress Code: Come as you are, or in full Halloween costume.

Here's what we'll be talking about:

  • Email, IM, social-media, social-engineering attacks. (Really, this is still an issue? Yes! And we'll see why.)
  • Phone hacks. If the incoming number says it's from Mines, it must be from Mines, right? Nope, it's so easy to spoof telephone numbers.
  • Second-factor authentication. Why is this a good extra layer of defense? Hear about an upcoming initiative to role out second-factor protections for the entire campus.
  • Online-account hacks. These are the hacks everyone knows about: think Equifax (143 million people need to be thinking about this) or Yahoo with their recent admission that 3 billion accounts were stolen. Why is this kind of thing still happening and is there anything that you can do about it?

* The small print: Prize drawings for Raspberry Pi 3 and micro-drones will be held at the end of the presentation. One drawn prize per individual allowed. This offer is valid only for students -- faculty and staff members, sorry! But cheer up: There will also be CCIT door-prizes handed out to all until we run out of door-schwag.

If you can't make it to this event, here's another way to get a chance at a drone.

This Cyber Security Awareness Month presentation is sponsored by Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT).

Co-sponsored by the Mines Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter and the Mines Linux Users Group.


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