006: When will my email (or other) accounts expire and be removed?

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006: When will my email (or other) accounts expire and be removed?

When will my email account expire or be removed? What about my ADIT and MultiPass accounts? And what about my Trailhead account?

Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other accounts (among them MultiPass) as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. In theory, that could be the same day the individual officially leaves Mines, so plan accordingly. 

In practice, student accounts typically expire near the beginning of the semester after they leave Mines. If you graduate from Mines in May, your account will typically be removed in September or early October. If you leave in December, your account will be terminated in late January or February. Accounts for students expected to enroll the next semester will be maintained and available for use during semester and other breaks. If you will not be registered for one or more semesters and do not have a official leave of absence indicated in your record we will need verification from your advisor before the accounts can remain open. You will receive a notice, sent to your Mines email address, when your account is scheduled to be removed.

Students participating in study-abroad programs, internships, and other programs that cause their enrollment records to appear inactive may be notified that their email account is scheduled to be removed. If you receive this notification in these circumstance, please contact Computing, Communications and Information Technologies via the Mines Help Center (http://helpdesk.mines.edu) prior to the deadline in the notification to insure that your service is not interrupted.

Faculty and staff accounts will usually be removed based on information received from Human Resources. Arrangements to maintain employee accounts will be based on the specific circumstances, as well as guidance from the appropriate vice president and the Office of Legal Affairs.
Trailhead accounts are closed separately. In fact, Trailhead accounts should remain active for two years after an individual has left Mines. See FAQfinder entry "How long will my Trailhead account be available after I leave Mines?" (http://ccit.mines.edu/faq017) for details.


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