001: Where can I get more computing help?

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001: Where can I get more computing help?

In addition to this FAQfinder database of frequently-asked questions, Mines offers many kinds of help for computing issues:

For a wide variety of links concerning all aspects of Mines computing, visit the Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) departmental website (http://ccit.mines.edu). Try the dedicated search engine found there for best results.

Visit the CCIT Support pages (http://ccit.mines.edu/CCIT-Support) for more details about the kinds of technology support offered.

Use the campus search engine at the top-right of http://inside.mines.edu.

Visit the Technology Support Center in the Computer Commons (CT156), in the Center for Technology and Learning Media building, 1650 Arapahoe St., or call (303) 273-3431. The TSC has student consultants available to solve common computer and account problems.

Navigate your browser to the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" (http://helpdesk.mines.edu), where you can fill out and submit a support-request form. Someone will immediately be assigned to assist you with your questions. All computing questions may be answered here.


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