International Student Computing Guide

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Computing Guide for New International Students at Mines

Here are the basic facts you need to know about computing resources at Mines, provided by the Computing, Communications, and Information Technology (CCIT) department:

General Mines links

What computer accounts will I need at Mines?

When you are accepted to Mines you are sent information allowing you to activate one primary Mines login, called a "MultiPass," at Pick your username and create your account. That one account will give you access to these resources (and more):

  • Trailhead – the campus “portal” where you can see your grades, track payments to you, and download tax (and other) forms, among many other uses. It is found at
  • MyMail – your Mines email account. This will be your official email address for receiving messages from the university. Check it often at (Or, if you prefer, forward messages from it to an account that you do check often.) We suggest that you access your MyMail account through the web interface for best results.
  • The Canvas learning-management system (used by many professors to share class information). Read more at or log in at
  • Most Windows lab computers on campus, including those in the CCIT Computer Commons (CT156) and Arthur Lakes Library.
  • Most Linux lab computers on campus.
  • The school's VPN (Virtual Private Network), necessary for reaching some Mines resources from off campus -- see more at

Visit for instructions on creating and managing your Mines MultiPass account.

Visit for more information about campus computing resources in general.


Question: What services are provided by the Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) department at Mines?

Answer: See an A-to-Z list of all of our many services here: The CCIT Service Catalog provides more details about individual services at

Q: Is there any free software available to me at Mines?

A: Well, the school paid for it, but it's free to you and available in computer labs or (in some cases) for personal download:

Q: My laptop can't access the campus network. What's going on?

A: The campus wireless networks are not password protected. But to use them you must first register your computer with the network one time, so that we know you are an authorized user. On your laptop computer, tablet, or phone select the CSMwireless network (not CSMguest) from the available wireless networks. Then, open a web browser and navigate to (depending on your setup, you may be redirected there automatically). Complete and submit that registration page, wait 5 minutes, and reboot your computer. It should find the school wireless network without further problems.

Access to the school wired network is gained in similar fashion. On a desktop PC or Mac, when asked to register on the network, please do so, wait 5 minutes, and reboot your computer.

An encrypted wireless network called eduroam was recently introduced at Mines. It requires some configuration before first use, but it has some advantages over the CMSwireless network. Read about eduroam here:

Q: I need help with my own computer. Is there someone I can talk with in person to troubleshoot the problem?

A: Yes! Walk in support for quick and basic computer problems is available in the CCIT Technology Support Center, part of the CCIT Computer Commons in the Center for Technology and Learning Media building, room 156. Student consultants are available whenever the Computer Commons is open for business. Professional IT staff members are present 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. Bring in your computer and we'll explore possible solutions with you.

Q: I've got a question not answered here; where can I get more help?

A: Here are the best ways to find help with computing issues at Mines:

  • Check the Mines FAQfinder database of frequently asked computer questions:
  • Visit the Computer Commons front desk in the Center for Technology and Learning Media (CT156). Our consultants can help you with a number of common computing problems.
  • Call the Technology Support Center (TSC) in the Computer Commons at 303.384.2345 to schedule an appointment or ask computing questions.
  • Submit a support request via the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" at A support person will contact you to resolve the issue.

From all of us in the university computing community, welcome to Mines!

--Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT)


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