114: How do I get a Mines personal website?

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114: How do I get a Mines personal website?

Mines faculty, staff, and students students may create a personal homepage on Mines servers (with some restrictions). To activate your personal homepage:

  1. Activate a Mines MultiPass (http://identity.mines.edu) account, if you have not already done so. Most students, faculty, and staff who have been at Mines for awhile already have a MultiPass account (your main Mines electronic account). To set up your MultiPass you can also get help at the Computer Commons Front Desk in CT156A.
  2. Enter your MultiPass account information into the Personal Homepage Creation Tool (https://inside.mines.edu/cgi-bin/create-home-page) to automatically create a basic personal home page and the associated server account. Note that in this step you are agreeing to the Colorado School of Mines Personal Homepage Policy (http://inside.mines.edu/fs_home/personalhp.html). Please read it and familiarize yourself with its terms.
  3. To edit your personal web site, review the CCIT personal web site management page (http://ccit.mines.edu/CCIT-Personal-Web-Site-Management). Just log in again to the Personal Homepage Creation Tool and submit revised information.

If you replace your new homepage with your own manually customized one, do not run the Personal Homepage Creation Tool again. It will overwrite your index.html file and set your page back to its original style.

While CCIT support staff may occasionally be able to solve a technical problem regarding your personal home page, the creation and administration of page contents are your personal responsibility. CCIT is not involved in day-to-day personal web-page construction or maintenance.

Use of Mines resources to publish and manage personal web pages is governed by CCIT computer usage policies. Before creating your site, please familiarize yourself with the Mines Personal Home Page Policy (http://inside.mines.edu/UserFiles/File/policies/CIT/CIT_Personal_Home_Page_Policy.pdf).

If you do not wish to use the Personal Homepage Creation Tool, you may also submit a request for a personal home page via Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" (http://helpdesk.mines.edu). CCIT personnel will create a space for you on the Mines web server and send you more information via email regarding policies and procedures. To use this option, you should have basic familiarity with creating and maintaining a traditional HTML-based website.

For more information, see CCIT's main Web Services page (http://ccit.mines.edu/Web-Services).


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