CCIT Central Systems

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CCIT Central Systems

Campus Computing manages and operates various central computer systems which deliver a variety of services to the campus and are accessible to the Mines community for general use. Many of the systems CCIT runs are not listed below since they provide dedicated application or system services which are documented elsewhere.

CCIT also provides access to the specialized resources listed below.

CCIT Central Systems and Servers

System OS Purpose Additional Information


Linux (RHEL) Central MINES.EDU Realm Shell access, available from off-campus
Hornet Windows Server ADIT Home directory & Profile file server ADIT Z:\ drive User Home Drive. See: Accessing Files from Your Home PC
Files Oracle Appliance

ADIT Departmental Space File Server

Central MINES.EDU Realm File Server

ADIT Y:\ drive, Departmental shared file spaces. See:

Linux home directory space.




Windows Server Print servers for ADIT Domain See: Printing





Windows Server ADIT Domain Controllers ADIT Domain Accounts,


Enable, Entitle, Entrust

Windows Server

Campus License Servers: Standalone & Redundant Cluster

Software licenses for various applications across campus.
Isengard Linux Central MINES.EDU Realm Computational & High Performance Server

Available for all campus users. See: Isengard,

Linux Central MINES.EDU Realm General campus web servers See: Web Services Linux CCIT Help Desk & Trouble Tracking See: Mines Help Center

CCIT Other Central Resources Available to Students & Faculty

Resource Location Purpose

Optical Scanner

CT 156 Optical mark reader for exams, surveys, evaluations, etc..
Flatbed Scanners (4) CT 156 Scanning photos, drawings and other graphics, articles, etc.
Printers CT 156A
See: Printing Pages

Portable Computers, Projectors, Digital Cameras

  See: Equipment Checkout and Loan Page

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