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Telecommunications Services

What's New?

OpenUC Unified Communications Telephone System

Telecommunications has upgraded to a new telephone system. The new telephones will have a "Polycom" logo on them.

   click Here to visit the OpenUC page.

Enhanced 911 Services

CSM Telecommunications has been proactive in providing Enhanced 911 services to the entire CSM campus and population.

What is Enhanced 911? This service enables the campus PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone switch to interact with a public 911 database maintained by the CSM Telecommunications Department. When a 911 call is placed from any campus telephone the ten-digit number is sent with the call to the Public Safety Answering Service and compared to the location database. This service allows the Public Safety Answering Service to pin point your location for the responding agency.

Please do not hang up on the 911 operator if you have dialed by mistake, simply explain there is not an emergency to the operator, this will save the Public Safety Answering Service Operators from having to call you back or dispatch an officer.



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