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Question: What is Trailhead?
Answer: Trailhead is the Colorado School of Mines web portal that provides personalized access to various web services. You can customize Trailhead so that the information and tools you need and want are available when you log in. All registered students, faculty and staff have access to course information, campus life, work life, email, and more -- anytime, anywhere, with one login.

Question: How do I login to Trailhead?
Answer: Point your web browser to and login using your MultiPass username and password. You must first activate your MultiPass account before you can log into Trailhead.

Question: Is Trailhead available off-campus?
Answer: Yes, when you are off-campus you may access Trailhead. Note however that some web services will not be available to you unless you are using the Mines VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Question: What is my portal username and password?
Answer: Trailhead uses your campus username and password you were assigned or chose when activating your MultiPass account.

Question: Is my information secure? Why don't I see the key lock security symbol at the bottom of the screen?
Answer: Security for Trailhead is provided by Verisign.  Because some pages are actually frames within a page you may not see the lock icon that indicates a secure page; however, the pages are still secure.

Your personal information on Trailhead is protected through your login. Only by logging on with your username and password can your information be accessed. For this reason, it is very important that you do not share your password with anyone. No one, including support staff, needs to know your password for any reason. any rFor your protection, it is essential that you log out of Trailhead and close the browser window whenever you leave your computer so that your personal information is not exposed.

Question: When is Trailhead available and how long is the time-out for inactivity?
Answer:The portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some channels rely on data from systems that are down for backup and maintenance during the evening. These channels may not be available in the portal during that time.

If you forget to log out of Trailhead, the portal will automatically time out after a set amount of inactivity. This is a security feature that helps prevent others from gaining access to your private information (student records, financial information, your online coursework, and so on), particularly when you are using a public computer. Warning: This is not a substitute for logging out. The only way to absolutely ensure that your information remains secure is to LOG OUT before you leave the computer.

Question: How do I get help with Trailhead?
Answer: For general help with Trailhead click the "Help" link just below the header portion of the Trailhead screen, to the left of the "Log out" link. If you have questions or problems, contact CCIT via the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" at

Question: Who can I contact to make comments or suggestions for the portal?
Answer: Your comments and suggestions are most welcome at the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk."

Question: How can I get training on Trailhead?
Answer: Submit questions via Mines Help Center "Helpdesk."

Question: Can retirees use Trailhead?
Answer: No, not currently.

Question: Can alumni use Trailhead?
Answer: If you have never had a Trailhead account, then no. If you had a Trailhead account as a student, you will retain access to that account for up to two years following graduation.

Question: Why does Trailhead log me out without letting me know first?
Answer: Trailhead is equipped with a security feature to automatically log you out in order to protect your personal data and privacy. In rare instances, you may also be logged out as part of Trailhead maintenance.

Question: Why don't my browser's "back" and "forward" buttons work properly in the portal?
Answer: The best way to navigate through the portal is to use the tabs and the links within Trailhead. The "back" and "forward" buttons in your browser may move from tab to tab or channel to channel, but if changes have been made or other logins have been made, using the browser's navigation buttons may not have the desired effect.

Question: What is Campus Pipeline?
Answer: You may see the term "Campus Pipeline" on various portal-related web pages. Campus Pipeline is the previous name of the portal software that is now called Trailhead.


Content, Channels, and Tabs

Question: Why does Trailhead appear the way it does?
Answer: Trailhead's interface is based on a tabs-and-columns structure. Each of the tabs consists of one or more columns, each column contains one or more channels of information (channels are differentiated from each other by a bold rule). You are allowed to add additional tabs and/or reconfigure the existing tabs and columns. You may also add, delete, or move many channels. The tab and channel layout is similar to many other portals such as MyYahoo.

Question: What web services can be accessed through Trailhead portal as "Single Sign-On" (requires no additional user authentication) services?
Answer: Current Single Sign-On services are

  • SSB (Self Service Banner)
  • ePrint
  • CSM Vacation Sick System
  • Information Services Exchange email (also known as Admin Email)
  • EHS Chemical Search (soon)
  • DiggerNet (students only)

In order to activate the single sign-on service to the following: ePrint, I.S. Exchange Email, Vacation Sick System, and EHS Chemical Search, you must first login to these services as you normally do. After this is completed once, your user authentication will occur automatically for these services each time that you login to the Trailhead portal.

Question: Do faculty, staff, and students all see the same view of Trailhead?
Answer: No. Faculty and staff see a different default view of Trailhead than students see. The content that an individual sees is determined by their role at Mines. Currently the possible roles are student, faculty and staff. Individuals are presented with a different set of tabs and channels containing the default content for their role.

Question: How do I customize Trailhead?
Answer: You can easily customize Trailhead by adding new channels and tabs and removing those that are not useful to you. To customize your view of the portal, click the Content Layout link beneath the header. Click the tab you want to change. You can then add, modify, or delete columns and channels on that tab. When you are finished click the back to link to return to Trailhead. If you cannot figure out how to do something on a tab, click the "Help" link in the header portion of the Trailhead screen. Under the Portal Help Menu select How Do I... to get help on adding, modifying, or deleting columns, channels, and tabs. If you have questions contact the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk."

Question: How can I get back to the original look (default view) of the portal?
Answer: To reset your Trailhead profile, click the Content Layout link beneath the header. Click the "Revert to default layout" link found at the bottom of the grey box titled "Options for Modifying Preferences:"
NOTE: When your layout is re-created you will lose your bookmark settings and ALL customizations made to ALL TABS, COLUMNS and CHANNELS.

Question: Can I import bookmarks into Trailhead?
Answer: Bookmarks cannot be imported into Trailhead at this time. You can add links to your favorite web sites using the Trailhead "Bookmarks" Channel which is located on the TRAILHEAD tab (in the portal's default view). If you add the Bookmarks Channel to other tabs, your bookmarks will be the same on each tab.

You can also add the "Bookmarks Plus" Channel to any of your portal tabs. With Bookmarks Plus you are able to have different bookmarks in different instances of the channel. For example, if you add a Bookmarks Plus Channel on your My Tab tab, you can add personal bookmarks and also have a Bookmarks Plus Channel with different bookmarks on your Research tab.

Question: How will I know when new channels are added?
Answer: New channels will be added occasionally. Watch for a notice on the Home tab showing Trailhead News that will describe a new channel and its location.

Question: How can I see a list of channels that are already available?
Answer: There are two ways to view available channels. After logging into the portal:

(1) Click on the "Content Layout" link near the top of the Trailhead window, and proceed through the steps for adding a channel. When you get to the step to "Select a Category" for the channel you wish to add, use the "Select All" option and click the "Go" button. A list of all channels available to you will be displayed.

(2) Using the method mentioned in #1 above, add the "Channel Preview Tool" Channel to one of your tabs. With the Channel Preview Tool you can preview all of the channels that are available to you to help you decide if you'd like to "subscribe" to or add it to one of your portal tabs.

Question: I have a great idea for a new channel. How can I contribute a channel to Trailhead?
Answer: Departments are encouraged to develop their own channels and other portal information resources. To create a consistent look and feel, channel developers should link to the portal default style sheet, and avoid overriding these styles whenever possible. The default style sheet sets font colors, font sizes, margins, borders, and more for almost all HTML tags. Written permission must be obtained for use of copyrighted materials such as text, logos, images, etc.

Question: How can I recommend that an externally generated RSS feed or other information source be added to Trailhead?
Answer: Contact the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk."



Question: What course tools are available in Trailhead?
Answer: Through Trailhead, instructors can:

  • Send personal announcements to students in their courses.
  • Set office hours.
  • Submit grades.
  • Much more.

It is up to the instructor to determine which of the available campus tools best fits his/her course needs. For example, an instructor may choose to use the portal tools, Canvas, or a standard web site to disseminate class information.



Question: How do I read my email in Trailhead?
Answer: You can check your email in Trailhead by clicking on the email icon in the header portion of the Trailhead screen, and selecting the appropriate email link from the drop-down menu.

Question: Can I access my Exchange email account?
Answer: Yes. Follow the procedure outlined above, and select "ADIT/Exchange Mail" from the drop-down. Single Sign-On capabilities are included: you will be asked to enter your Exchange login and password only once and thereafter the portal will automatically authenticate you. Note: Exchange email is solely for use of faculty and staff. Students use MyMail.



Question: Why do I get a 'Not Found' error when trying to access any of the Services?
After the recent upgrade of Trailhead, the browser cache on your system may need to be cleared. If you see something similar to this message when trying to access any of the services:

try the following:
  1. Log out from Trailhead.
  2. Delete any Trailhead bookmarks you currently have.
  3. Clear your browser's cache. Every browser is different and how you do it depends on the browser's version too. This might be different in your case:
    1. Firefox: Open Menu - History - Clear Recent History - Time range to clear: Everything
    2. Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options - General - Browsing History - Delete
    3. Chrome: Customize and Control Google Chrome - History - History - Clearing Browsing Data - Select The beginning of time - Clear Browsing data
  4. Close your browser and open it again.
  5. Log into Trailhead
  6. Click on the Service button.
  7. If this doesn't solve your problem or now you are getting a different error message, please let us know as soon as you can via the Helpdesk at
    Information we'll need to speed the process:
    1. Did you clear out the browser's cache?
    2. What browser are you using?
    3. Were you on campus or off campus at the time you got the error?
    4. Date and time you got the error
    5. A screen shot of the error

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