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Exchange Settings for Eudora

Eudora 7.1 POP/IMAP

  1. Locate the active Eudora.ini file. On a fresh install it is in

    C:\Documents and Settings\...\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora
    On an older installation you may have to search for it.
  2. Edit this file. Add the following lines to the [Settings] section:

    Save and Exit.
  3. Start Eudora and go to Tools | Options
  4. Scroll to the top and start with Getting Started.
    Your User Name is the front part of your email address
    Both servers are set to, and check to Allow Authentication.
  5. Go to Check Mail. The Mail Server is, Check every 5 minutes, check Send on Check, and set the dropdown box to Required, Alternate Port
  6. Go to Incoming Mail and select POP or IMAP. If IMAP is selected, then leave Mailbox Location Prefix blank. Authentication Style is Passwords.
  7. Go to Sending Mail. SMTP server is Check all 4 check boxes and set drop down value to Required, Alternate Port
  8. You will be prompted for a security certificate. You should accept this.
  9.  Folders may need to be refreshed from the server.


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