Electronic Timesheet Instructions
(revised 3/31/2017)

IMPORTANT: You MUST submit a timesheet every pay period whether
or not you have worked any hours.

1. Log on to your trailhead account.
2. Proceed to the Self Service menu by clicking on the Self Service button in the upper left box of the screen.

3. Proceed to the Employee tab by clicking on the tab along the top or the link under the menu.

4. Click on the first link under the Employee menu called “Hourly Time Sheet Entry.”

5. Select the appropriate position AND time period from the drop-down menu under “Pay Period and
Status,” and then click on the Time Sheet button.

6. To enter the times you have worked, click on the ‘Enter Hours’ link under the appropriate day (each
day has its own link). Also, the “Next” button moves you to the end of the pay period.
7. Input your In and Out times, including the minutes (i.e., if you started working at 8 AM you must input
8:00 AM, NOT just “8”). Click “save” when you’re finished with that day.

8. Click on the time sheet button to return to the original time sheet page.

9. After all hours worked during the pay period have been entered, click “Submit for Approval”.
(Please note the “Submit by Date” deadline).
“Zero hour” Timesheet Instructions:
Log into trailhead
1. Log into trailhead
2. Select the “employee” tab
3. Select “timesheet”
4. Select the correct pay period
5. Select the position and open the timesheet
6. Click the “submit” button. You will get a warning that reads “No hours entered”. This
is okay because you did not work any hours.
7. Exit the timesheet by selecting the “back to trailhead” tab at the top of the page or by
exiting out of trailhead altogether.
8. The timesheet will go to an “error” status and that is correct.
 Electronic Timesheets are due by the “Submit By Date” deadline, which is 2 business days after
the end of the work period. For example, a time sheet from December 1st to December 15th
must be submitted by December 17th at 11:59 pm, midnight.
 If you do not submit your electronic time sheet before the “Submit by Date” deadline, you
cannot submit electronically and will have to wait for the next supplement payroll.
 Holidays will have more strict submission cutoff dates. Please see the “Semi-Monthly Payroll
Schedule” for a breakdown of Semi-Monthly deadlines.
You can always submit timesheet early!