Administration and Operations Division
Fall 2017 Newsletter

A message from Kirsten Volpi
Executive Vice President for Administration and Operations, Chief Operating
Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer

Then intent of this update is to keep the campus community informed of the current
and future activities we are working on.

Over the last two Board of Trustee meetings, our Board has discussed and approved a
number of initiatives that positively impact our campus and the future direction of
Mines. The Board was also informed about the work being done to update our existing
Master Plan to support the infrastructure needs of the campus as we move towards
Mines@150. Listed below is an overview of the initiatives.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
 We have been working on expanding our relationship with the USGS by developing
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plans involving multiple programs at Mines that would align our strategic direction with

the USGS’. Me, Tom Boyd and Wendy Harrison are taking the lead on this strategic
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Computing, Communications,
Student Housing
and Information Technologies Page 4

 We are in the process of moving forward an important initiative to expand housing
Construction Projects
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opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. This expansion will almost

Human Resources
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double our existing housing from 1,700 to a projected 3,400. The Board approved to

build a 400-bed residence hall for first-year students on parking lot E, in-between
Master Plan
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Starzer Welcome Center and Weaver Towers. Design will begin in 2018 with new
New Travel System
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students moving in Fall 2020.
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Parking Garage
Title IX Office
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 The Board also approved the construction of Mines first parking garage at the corner of
Maple Street and West Campus Drive with 650 spaces. Design will begin in 2018 with
the garage opening Fall 2019.
Facilities Management and Operations Divisions Move
Contact Information
 All of the Facilities Management functions currently located in the area of the new
parking garage will be moving to west of 6th Avenue. The Board approved an addition
Administration and Operations
to the Moly building and a stand-alone building near Mines Park to house much of the
210 Guggenheim Hall
Operations Division functions .
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, CO 80401
Innovation Hub
 Moving the Facilities Management offices gives us a “blank slate” in-between the GRL

and the GRL Annex. We are in the process now of planning for and designing an
Kirsten Volpi
“Innovation Hub” that will provide a space for our students to learn, create, and use
Executive Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer
their innovative tendencies.
Chief Financial Officer
Green Center
 In 2018, work on re-roofing the Green Center and the installation of two large

generators at the southeast corner of 19th Street and 6th Avenue will begin. The Green
Nina Purschwitz
Executive Assistant to the EVP
Center will be off-line from Spring 2018 to Fall 2020. The generators will provide
campus-wide redundancy in order to minimize impacts during a power failure.

Administration and Operations
Division Leadership Team
Continuing Professional Educational Services led by Melody Francisco, has joined
the Administration and Operations team. They provide robust support services for a

Gary Bowersock
variety professional educational events and programs including short courses,
Associate Vice President, Operations
educational conferences, teacher enhancement and workshops. To find more
information, please visit their website at:

The committees working with Sibson Consulting are making progress on the business
Chris Cocallas
Executive Director, Capital Planning and
process reengineering projects. Cross functional committees have been developing
strategic and process improvement recommendations for multiple areas. Sibson will
hold town hall meetings on November 30, 2017 to update campus on the status and
next steps for each project. Two sessions will be held in the Student Center, Ballroom

Michael Dougherty
A: 10:30am—12:00pm and 3:00pm—4:30pm.
Associate Vice President, Human
We are testing Phase I, a Contract & Research System (CRS) implementation, which
is designed to track and manage all non-research contracts. This system will provide
electronic templates, workflows and repository for contracts across campus. We

anticipate the system to go live March 2018.
Michael Erickson
Chief Information Officer
Phase II will include Research contracts and proposals and will be designed to replace
Cayuse. This phase will add functionality for research support, contract management,

and electronic workflows that is not currently available with the Cayuse system. The
Debra Lasich
anticipated implementation schedule is 18-24 months with a go-live target in early
Executive Director, Strategic

Vicki Nichol
Our current Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system will be replaced
Associate Vice President, Administration
by Chrome River. We are looking for campus volunteers to assist with testing. If you
are interested in testing this new system, please contact Mark Jones at
Karin Ranta-Curran
Executive Director, Institutional
 User-friendly, straightforward
Compliance and Equity, Title IX
 Access to the system anytime,
anywhere, and on any device

Tressa Ries
 Snap-and-send receipt capture with
optical character recognition (OCR)
 Delegate functionality that allows
staff members to create and submit

expense reports on behalf of
Shannon Sinclair
Director of Internal Audit

Automation of the entire travel and
expense pre-approval, submission,
approval, and reimbursement process
Master Plan
The first phase of the Master Plan, that quantifies our existing space use and develops a
space utilization model which informs our space needs, is nearing completion. The second
phase, which will include broad campus input, will develop a physical plan addressing Mines’
pedestrian circulation, exterior spaces, and parking. It will give form to the campus as Mines
moves towards the Mine@150 strategic plan.
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“Engineering a Culture of Respect" is a new movement at Mines aimed at
building a campus community that is caring and respectful of all people,
regardless of gender or gender expression, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.
Growing out of the national "It's on Us" program, we have a particular focus on
cultivating a culture that supports survivors and prevents interpersonal
violence. The goal is to mobilize students, faculty, and staff to be both aware of
the issues around interpersonal violence as well as to be proactive in modeling
behaviors of respect that will prevent divisiveness, incivility, and violence.
To help educate and train our community members to be allies and advocates,
we are developing a number of education and training programs. For more
information, please email Katie Schmalzel at .
Upcoming new hires:
 Amanda Davis, Compliance Systems and Policy Manager (November 27, 2017)
 Jackson Rozeske, Learning & Development Specialist (December 1, 2017)
Total Compensation Benchmark Project
Working with Sibson Consulting, Mines is assessing its total compensation for academic and administrative faculty. Included in
this assessment is the relative value of Mines’ benefits plans. Sibson is close to completing its work and expects to present its
findings to the Academic and Administrative steering committees by the end of the fall semester. Please see the FAQ and other
PERA Changes
In order to improve PERA’s future funding security, PERA will be pursuing legislation in 2018 and Governor Hickenlooper also has
recommended changes. Information about PERA’s and the Governor’s proposals is found at: and
Benefits Enhancements
Backup Care: At times faculty and staff with child daycare or eldercare responsibilities find themselves with last minute
disruptions in care. Through a contract with Bright Horizons, we implemented the Backup Care program. For more
information about the program, please visit:
RTD FlexPass: Monthly local or regional RTD passes can be purchased through a pre-tax payroll deduction at a 25%
discount. Cost and purchasing information is available at:
Voluntary 403(b) program evaluation: Mines faculty and staff can participate in the voluntary tax-advantaged Mines
403(b) Plan. We recently issued an RFP to evaluate the structure of the 403(b) plan and approach to how many record
Information sessions will be held in the spring.
Questions about these benefits can be directed to Mines Benefits Office (303-273-3052).
Hiring Excellence Plan
Hiring Excellence is a new initiative focused on broadening the diversity of Mines’ academic faculty candidate pools. Hiring
 seeks diverse faculty who bring a strong commitment to research, teaching, especially in the online arena, and a
commitment to diversity and inclusion;
 shifts from a position-focused basis to a continuous recruiting cycle;
 integrates hiring best practices such as standardized evaluation rubrics and expanded candidate materials; and
 increases attention on a positive candidate experience.
The Hiring Excellence team includes Human Resource’s employment staff, led by Amy Landis, PhD., Presidential Faculty Fellow
for Access, Attainment & Diversity and Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering.
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CCIT continues to support numerous projects across all facets of technology at Mines. A few notables:
 We continue to work towards implementing a workflow and enterprise content management system. Additional projects include
new functionality in the Mines Emergency Alert System, support for the new Mines website, and a persistent focus on the move
to Banner 9.
 The “Common Systems” initiative will result in new systems to support Project and Portfolio Management, IT Service
Management (replacing Footprints as the Help Desk software), Facilities Service Management, and Asset Management.
Next generation firewalls to secure technology systems and data will be implemented over the holidays.
 Adoption and support of Canvas continues.
 The security team is currently piloting dual factor authentication in an effort to increase the security of our platforms and sensitive
 The High Performance Computing group recently participated in the international SuperComputing conference in Denver. They
provided an exhibit of active HPC Research at Mines and participated in technical seminars. A decision will be made soon on the
next generation HPC platform to be installed at Mines early spring 2018.
 A focus on management of the “identity” lifecycle of students, faculty, staff, and visitors over the next year will help Mines better
manage the creation of accounts, provisioning of appropriate access, and removal of accounts in a timely manner.
 New initiatives in cyberInfrastructure provide support for Mines researchers in the areas of data management, research storage,
and rapid file transfer.
 Sibson is proving to be an exciting opportunity to envision and provide strategic direction to future information technology
Do you know who is listed as your emergency contact – that person we would call in case you are injured, ill or missing? Check out
and update your emergency contacts through Trailhead - on the personal information tab of self-service banner you can view and
update your emergency contacts.

Mines has a new Chemical Safety Officer – Zach Smith joined the Environmental Health & Safety Department in October. Stop by the
Chem Store in Coolbaugh Hall to say hello or to talk chemical safety.

It might be sunny and warm today, but are you ready for Colorado’s winter? You may want to dig out those rugged soled shoes so
you are ready to walk on snow and ice. Do you have a hat, scarf and mittens? Have you found the snow brush for your car and are
your tires in good shape? Stay safe this winter.

There are a number of construction projects on campus. Listed below is an
Campus Generators
overview and status report for each one:
 The Heating Plant is up and running—just in time for winter!
 The 18th Street Plaza will be completed some time this month.
 Furniture will begin to be move into CoorsTek mid November, lab moves
November-March, Physics moves December, classes January
 Campus Generators are slated to be constructed at 19th and 6th Avenue. The
Project should be complete in spring.

Campus Generators
Child Care Needs at Mines Update

We want to thank the students and employees who provided feedback regarding the current and future child care needs on
campus. Over 500 employees and graduate students participated in the Child Care Survey in September and another 86 shared
their opinions during six focus groups on October 25 and 26, facilitated by the consultants for this study, Horizons Workforce
The consultants will compile the results of the survey and focus groups into a report by the end of the semester to help us
determine how to best approach child care needs for our students and employees. This information will be assessed in the
spring to determine the next steps.
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