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Content Review Policy
The intent of the Portal Content Review Policy is to provide a mechanism by
which the portal content – in channels, and in the links and resources that
the channels reference – remains current, appropriate and relevant to the
campus community, as well as continuing to conform to channel
development and related policies.
Associated with each channel will be:
• A responsible organization or departmental host.
• A channel owner: a position/individual who is ultimately responsible for
the content, design and functionality of the channel.
• A channel review period: time ranging from one to three semesters for
which the channel can be certified as current.
• A channel status: “Request”, “Pending Development Approval”,
“Development Approved”, “Current”, “Needs Updating”, “Removed” or
other statuses as relevant.
• A previous review date.
• An upcoming review date.
Review process:
• The channel review period is set upon acceptance of the channel, and is
subject to change.
• An automated reminder will be sent to the channel owner requesting them
to review their channel for relevance and timeliness and to certify in writing
it is up-to-date to the Review Authority.
• Within a month, the Review Authority will either:
1. Accept the self-certification and extend the status of “current” for
another period, or
2. Request changes (including possibly channel deletion).
• The Review Authority will follow up on non-responsive channel owners, but
reserves the option to delete or reassign channels if an appropriate
response is not made within two months of the initial review request.
• The Review Authority will review channels whose owners have responded
20 August 2006

CSM Trailhead Content Review Policy
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to a request for certification against the current Portal Design Guidelines
and for currency of content.
• Channels that have not had significant change, will be presumed to
conform to the guidelines. The primary review effort will be to verify
currency and continued relevance of the content. The response of the
channel owner self-certifying currency should be given significant weight.
• For channels with substantial changes to content since initial approval or
the last review, a closer examination of the new content, including its style
and how it fits in the overall structure, will be made to ensure continued
adherence to the guidelines.
• The review of a specific channel will be conducted by the assigned Review
Authority. The Review Authority may consult Portal Content Committee
members or others as needed.
• If the Review Authority seeks clarification or the channel owner objects to
requests, the review process may be escalated to the Portal Content
• A tracking system will be used to maintain the list of channels, generate
reminders, and to track review status and communications sent and
received in relation to each channel.
Suggested Review Checklist:
1. Is the content:
a) Current, not out of date?
b) Relevant for the target audience?
2. Do the links within the channel:
a)Work (no “Page not found” or “Access denied” errors)?
b)Contain current and relevant information for the target audience?
3. Does the channel conform stylistically to the tab and the portal in
4. Does the channel design meet current specifications as outlined in the
Channel Development Overview and the Portal Design Guidelines?
20 August 2006