Colorado School of Mines
Trailhead Mission Statement
The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) portal – Trailhead – is intended to be a client-
oriented web site that provides access to an assortment of personalized information
and services based on the roles and characteristics of each individual user. It
should become a focal point for on-line services and be the primary tool individuals
select when looking to access on-line services offered by the institution. Therefore,
where appropriate, the portal interface and content offerings should be
customizable based on the preferences and needs of the user.
Portal Goals
1. Provide convenient access to diverse institutional systems and services such
as student, employee, account, class, alumni, and library information; and
services and applications such as parking, e-mail, calendaring, and on-line
course components. Where possible, external system access will be via
Single Sign-On (SSO).
2. Provide a common access and presentation method for individuals to find
information targeted to them based on their personal situation and their role
within the institution.
3. Provide methods, where appropriate, for individuals to customize what
information is presented to them and how or when it is presented.
4. Where appropriate, to promote and create on-line communities of individuals
with common characteristics, roles, or interests such as entering freshman,
student families, students enrolled in specific majors, alumni, graduate
students, athletes, working students, commuting students, and so forth.
5. Provide for the distributed development of appropriate content that can be
included in, or accessed through, the portal.
6. Over time, the portal environment should become the method of choice for
individuals to access web-based services, applications, and information
provided by the institution, even where other access methods may exist.
7. The portal and the CSM web site should complement each other and not
maintain redundant information. Where appropriate, one should reference
information in the other rather than simply replicating it. Each environment
should be used to be used to best serve its targeted audience.
18 August 2006