Overview – Please read carefully!
Colorado School of Mines lab computers are replaced every 3 to 4 years using Tech Fee funds provided primarily by
students. Used lab computers in good condition will be real ocated without charge by the CSM Graduate School and the
Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) department in this order of preference: 1. Student
labs, workrooms, and breakout rooms. 2. Lecturers and instructors without departmental or research funds. 3. Unfunded
graduate students (funded graduate students should receive a computer from RA funds).
Graduate students: Please have your advisor complete and sign this form. In the “justification” section, below, please
indicate whether you are on a Research Assistant (RA) contract. Requests should be submitted during the first two
weeks of the semester. At that time, CCIT and the Graduate School wil review al requests and al ocate the computers.
There will be a limited number of computers available, so please submit your request as soon as possible at the start of
the semester for ful consideration.
Note that while CSM Campus Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) will support surplus
computers for a reasonable period of time, these machines are no longer protected by a manufacturer's warranty. As
such, if repair parts are eventual y needed, recipients or their departments wil be responsible for the cost of those parts.
In addition, the recipient or department may be required to purchase an operating system or other software for each
computer received. Peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice wil be supplied if available.
The faculty or staff member supervising this request (not a student) is asked to complete this form in ful and return it to
Cherie Dardano, CT244, to be considered for surplus hardware as it becomes available. Please submit one form per
recipient or lab.
Name and location of lab and number of lab computers
requested. Or name, location, and title of individual to
receive one surplus computer.
Justification for this request: What other resources, if
any, are available to provide computing resources to
the proposed recipient or lab? (May continue answer
on back of form.)
Your name, official title, and CSM department (you are
the faculty or staff member sponsoring the request).
Your contact email address or phone number.
Your signature / Today's date
For Internal Use Only
Approved / Disapproved (circle one)
Applicant notified?
ADS notified?