This is a two step AFB with prequalification required.
State of Colorado

Colorado School Of Mines
Notice Number: CSM07-001
Project No:
Project Title:
CSM Data and Telephone Communications Standing Order
Construction Cost: Up to $150,000 per project
Project Description
The Colorado School of Mines is seeking to prequalify data and telephone
communications contractors for work on installation, repair and maintenance of both data
and telephone wiring. The prequalification will be in effect for CSM work costing
$150,000 or less for a 1-year period with an option to extend for up to four 1-year
extensions upon agreement of both CSM and individual contractors. Projects under
$25,000 will be negotiated and require a detailed time and materials-not-to-exceed
written quote from a pre-qualified contractor. Projects between $25,000 and $150,000
will require documented quotes from all interested prequalified contractors.

The RFQ document is available at:
Project Information
The Scope of Services shall include but not necessarily be limited to:
1. Inside and outside plant copper backbone cabling
2. Category 5E/6 structured cabling systems
3. Inside and outside plant fiber backbone cabling
4. Electronic door access cabling
5. AV
6. Security Systems
Qualifications Due
Date & Time:
08/17/2007 03:00 PM
John Kane, Director of Materials Management
Colorado School of Mines
Guggenheim Hall, 2nd Floor
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, CO 80401

Submit two complete copies of RFQ response. It is the responsibility
of the responder to allow sufficient time for the RFQ response to be
delivered to the above address by the date and time stated.
Point of Contact
John Kane
Colorado School of Mines