Requesting Computer Support
Requesting Computer Support

Please provide the following information when requesting support. Note that the types of requests
are listed in priority, i.e. problems will take precedence over changes and additions. Please plan
this work in advance of your needs.

Your request must include a Subject or Title, a detailed description of the problem, the name of the
machine or lab and the location of the machine or lab. Your email address must also be included.

Support requests can be submitted by opening a service request at

http://helpdesk or simply helpdesk (if on campus) (if off campus)

The detailed description should provide enough information for the support staff to begin working
the problem without further delay. The following lists suggest the type of information requested.
Reporting that something is broken
Use this section to report that something is broken that used to work correctly.
1. Exact text of error message (if any).
2. Make and model of computer.
3. Operating system and version (e.g., Windows XP Professional, Debian Linux).
4. Do you have a current backup of the system or your data?
5. Do you have the original CDs for your installed software?
6. History of problem
a. When did it first happen?
b. Does it always do it?
c. Can you recreate it?
d. What were you doing when it happened?
e. Did it ever work correctly?
f. What were you doing when it worked correctly?
g. Has anything recently changed?
h. Have you installed anything new? Service packs, upgrades, software, shares,
printers, etc?
7. Exact location of system – building and room number.
8. How you can be reached – phone and email?
9. What is your availability schedule?
Setups, Installs, and Changes
Use this section to request software installation, upgrades, and system reconfigurations for desktops
and offices.
1. Make and model of computers.
2. Operating system and version (e.g., Windows XP Professional, Debian Linux).
3. Where to be installed: local drive or network drive?
4. How much free space on drive?
Modified on 8/24/2005
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Requesting Computer Support
5. Software brand, name and release to be installed
6. Do you have a current license for the software?
7. Do you have the installation CD?
8. By when will you need the work done?
9. Do you maintain your own system administration password privileges?
10. Is everything else on the system currently working properly?

Project request
Use this section to request changes to teaching labs, servers, and shared resources.
1. Statement of requirements for new work. This is a description of how the system should
look and operate when the work is complete. Include details of new software and hardware
to be installed.
2. By when will you need the work done?
3. Academic Department Support will develop a plan of action based on the requirements.
This will include a timeline and purchase and input requirements. Mutual acceptance of the
plan is required for work to commence.
Modified on 8/24/2005
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