Implementing Our Future – How
the Executive Team Supports the
President’s Vision
Presented on behalf of the Executive Team by:

Kirsten Volpi

Tom Boyd

Interim Provost

Who is your Executive Team?
Tom Boyd – Interim Provost

Kirsten Volpi – EVP/COO/CFO

Tony Dean – VP Research & Tech Transfer
Dan Fox – VP Student Life
Ramona Graves – Dean CERSE
Peter Han – Chief of Staff
Mike Kaufman – Dean CASE
Jake Kupiec – Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
Nigel Middleton – VP Strategic Initiatives
Kevin Moore – Dean CECS
Anne Walker – General Counsel
Brian Winkelbauer – President, Mines Foundation

How Does Executive Leadership Advance
the President’s Priorities?
The Executive Team drives the institution through the:
¨  Creation of programs and support services
¨  Implementation of administrative processes and
¨  Allocation of resources:
¤  Targeted hiring in areas of institutional priority
¤  Budgeting processes that recognize adoption of

Priority 1: Develop and Support Signature
Academic Experiences

Ensure every program allows students to
¨  Disciplinary depth and focus ✔
¨  Breadth across STEM disciplines
¨  Broad exposure to professional skills and
societal considerations
¨  Experiences that support their passion

Executive Team Priorities
Develop and
¨  Breadth and Depth
¤  Creation of signature first-year experiences
that are national exemplars
¤  Creation of vertically and horizontally
integrated honors programs
¤  Strengthening Humanities and Social
Sciences connections to STEM
¤  New Student Life programming focusing on
integrated, signature student experiences

Executive Team Priorities

¨  Passion

¤  Enhance study abroad opportunities
¤  Enable innovation and entrepreneurship

¤  Enhance research and internship opportunities
Develop and
¤  Expand Humanitarian Engineering
¤  Revitalize General Engineering program
¤  Support student interests in sports, music,
clubs, arts, etc.

Executive Team Priorities
Develop and
¨  Help faculty and students succeed
¤  Support innovation in the classroom
¤  Support professional development opportunities
¤  Create Communications Center emphasizing
skills relevant to STEM

¤  Hire Director of Entrepreneurship and
¤  Diversify resources available through targeted
Foundation and Alumni initiatives

Priority 2: Support development of
high-impact research initiatives

¨  Diversify and expand funding to support
¨  Institutionalize support for development of
large grant submissions
¨  Implement equitable teaching/research
¨  Reduce administrative burden for faculty
¨  Develop culture and structures to support
large, cross-disciplinary initiatives

Executive Team Priorities

  Incentivize low-cost NT-MS and online programs
¨  Provide course relief and administrative support
for developing large grant submissions
¨  Implement administrative processes that reduce
of high-impact
administrative burden (e.g., All Funds Checkbook)
¨  Develop “Grand Challenge” institutes
¨  Establish university productivity metrics
¨  Diversify resources through targeted Foundation
and Alumni initiatives

Priority 3: Align Expectations and Structures
to Support Priorities

¨  Encourage and reward innovation, change,
and entrepreneurial behavior
¨  Re-establish expectations and
¨  Evaluate and re-establish effective
administrative structures
¨  Establish standardized course scheduling of
required courses to ensure student access

Executive Team Priorities

¨  Tie productivity to budget processes and
institutional priorities
¨  Project Meridian: Re-imagine and streamline
administrative processes
Structures to
¨  The 4th Dimension: Create structures that
foster sustainable support for academic
¨  Evaluate, realign, and revise other
administrative structures across campus

Priority 4: Refocus and refresh campus

Project our values, distinctive attributes,
aspirations and achievements through
consistent messaging and branding

Executive Team Priorities

¨  Establish strategic communications
skunk-works group

¨  Refresh campus web presence and
leverage content across multiple channels
¨  Build communications capacity in the
Culture and
organization through networking,
coordination, tools and training

2015 Conference Workshops:
Updates and Outcomes
Workshop Title
Activities and Results to Date
Active Learning and Technology
•  Established Trefny Innovative Instruction Center
•  Supported Summer Course revision project
•  Classroom audit completed
•  Technology-deficient classrooms being upgraded
Admissions Strategic Intent
•  CRM software purchased, installation ongoing
•  Revised market analysis undertaken
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives
BS Degree in Engineering
•  Working group continues, UGC proposal likely Fall, 2016
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives
Building Community: Mines as a University
Degree Programs of Distinction
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives

2015 Conference Workshops:
Updates and Outcomes
Workshop Title
Activities and Results to Date
Expanding International Opportunities for •  Hired Associate Director OIP
•  Senate Study Abroad working group established
Family Friendly Campus
•  Implemented most suggestions in Senate report
•  Trial ran “bring your child to work day”
•  Engaged dependent care feasibility consultant
First- and Second-Year Experience
•  First-year honors initiative
•  Combined NHV/EPICS sections
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives
Growing/Supporting Research Enterprise
•  Budget incentives to support research activities
•  Faculty task force dialogue with faculty
•  Development of all funds checkbook
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives, 6 initiatives
presented to President and Executive Team

2015 Conference Workshops:
Updates and Outcomes
Workshop Title
Activities and Results to Date
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
•  Dedicated administrative position secured
•  Operating budgets established: HY, ML, NU
Short Course and Certificate Activity
•  Budget incentives for course creation and activities
•  New LMS purchased
•  Online course(s) being trial run
•  Informs ongoing Presidential initiatives
Strategic Intent for Biology Efforts
•  Working group charged, grad degree program proposal
likely in AY17
Teaching Assistant / Research Support
•  Program incentives for support generation
•  Rationalized budget model
•  CASE working group on PhD recruiting/support strategies

Continuing Campus Engagement:
Conference Workshops
1. Creating a 4th College?
2. Achieving Our Mission
¨  Description: How best to
¨  Description: Aligning
organize new academic
productivity, rewards, and
programs and initiatives
¨  Moderator: Ramona
¨  Moderator: Kirsten Volpi &
Graves & Jon Leydens
Tom Boyd
¨  Location: Berthoud Hall,
¨  Location: Berthoud Hall,
Room 243
Room 241

Continuing Campus Engagement:
Conference Workshops
3. Project Meridian
4. Signature First-Year Experiences
¨  Description: Re-engineered
¨  Description: Creating a
operational process and
distinctive first-year
services models
¨  Moderators: Katy Ginger
¨  Moderators: Sam Spiegel
& Dave Lee
& Colin Terry
¨  Location: Student Center,
¨  Location: Student Center,
Ballroom D
Ballroom A

Continuing Campus Engagement:
Conference Workshops
5. An Integrative Research Culture
6. Communications and Marketing
¨  Description: Fostering an
¨  Description: Promoting
active, cross-disciplinary,
your services, programs,
and social research culture
and research
¨  Moderators: Tony Dean &
Tzahi Cath
¨  Moderator: Jake Kupiec
¨  Location: Student Center,
¨  Location: Student Center,
Ballroom B
Ballroom C

Continuing Campus Engagement:
Conference Workshops
7. Fostering a Shared Mines Culture
¨  Description: Empowering
through leadership
development, and rewards
and recognition programs
¨  Moderators: Michelle Darveau
& Nigel Middleton
¨  Location: Student Center,
Ballroom E

Workshop Meeting Times

Each workshop will be offered
twice this afternoon

Times are from 2:45-3:45 and 4:00-5:00