Residence hall living is an integral part of the Colorado School of Mines experience, although no students are required
to live on campus. The “Traditional” residence halls - Morgan, Thomas, Bradford and Randall halls - house about 380
students in mostly double rooms with a central restroom/shower facility on each floor. Weaver Towers has living space
for 230 students in suites with single and double rooms, a common living area, and two single restroom/shower
facilities. There are a limited number of single rooms available. Weaver Towers features seven or eight person suites
with each suite containing both single and double bedrooms, a living/study room and two bathrooms. The residence
halls at Mines Park offer residence hall living in an apartment setting for freshmen and upper-class students. In addition
to having all the amenities of the other residence halls, each apartment has a full kitchen. Each residence hall complex
houses mailboxes, lounge areas, TV room, and washers and dryers. All residence hall spaces are equipped with a bed,
desk, waste basket, and closet for each student, as well as wired and wireless internet connections. Cable TV
connection with “expanded basic” service is included. The student is responsible for damage to the room or
furnishings. Colorado School of Mines assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of personal belongings, and residents
are encouraged to carry personal property insurance.
Exterior doors on the Traditional Halls and Weaver Towers are controlled by your Blaster Card and remain locked 24
hours per day. All Resident Assistants have access to floor master keys for “lock-outs” on their floor and have access
to building master keys for “lock-outs” on other floors or in other buildings.
There is at least one Resident Assistant per building and one Hall Director for all residence halls per night that has “on
duty” status. Duty status begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 a.m. the following day. Resident Assistants and Hall
Directors are available to assist students with personal concerns, enforce residence hall rules, plan educational and
social activities, and respond to emergencies. Residents are encouraged to report strangers, vandalism, and any suspicious
activity to any staff member or CSM Public Safety. The front desks are staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Sunday
through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
There is a “no-solicitation” policy in all residence halls at the Colorado School of Mines. Signage is posted at all
entrances to buildings and violators are escorted off the premises immediately. Rosters and/or resident information,
with the exception of directory information, are never publicly posted or distributed.

The Mines Park apartment complex is located west of the 6th Avenue and 19th Street intersection on 55 acres owned
by CSM. The complex houses upper class and graduate students, families, some freshmen. Residents must be full-time
Units are complete with refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, cable television, wired and wireless internet connections,
and an optional campus phone line for an additional fee. There are two community centers which contain the laundry
facilities, recreational/study space, and a convenience store.

Colorado School of Mines regulations governing the use of its grounds, buildings, and other facilities including those
of fraternities and sororities are designed to preserve the academic base of the functions and activities of the institution.
The uses of these facilities shall be limited to faculty, staff, and students of the School, except when specifically
authorized by the administration. The use of facilities or services for non-school activities shall be compatible with the
educational and public service objectives of the School as directed by the President.
Students, employees, and guests on School and fraternity/sorority property are required to adhere to the School’s
Standards of Conduct and to abide by policies and campus regulations.
All persons on Colorado School of Mines and fraternity/sorority property are required, for reasonable cause, to identify
themselves upon the request of officials acting in the performance of their duties. The administration has the right to
exclude those deemed detrimental to the School’s well-being or incompatible with its mission as an educational
Students (and non-students who may be involved) refusing to comply with a request to vacate Colorado School of
Mines and fraternity/sorority property may be arrested and charged with violation of applicable laws.

Revised June 2009