Policy on Establishing or
Responsible Administrative Unit:
Changing Employment
Human Resources
Category (Classified &

Policy Contact:
Associate Vice President, Human

Issued: May 6, 2003

Revised: August 10, 2011


The employment category of positions is controlled by Colorado statutes and School policy.
As managers assess their department, division, or unit organizational structures for effective
and efficient utilization of resources, among the elements considered may be the planning
and organization of work, how it is assigned or allocated among positions, and how it is
completed within the work unit or organization. These assessments may lead to establishing
a new position or changing a position’s employment category, decisions that are guided by
statute, rule, or regulation. Staffing recommendations and decisions affecting a position’s
category of employment (classified, exempt, temporary, etc.) involve one or more of the

• Colorado state personnel rules
• Colorado or federal regulations
• Colorado or federal statutes
• School of Mines’ policies, needs, and considerations

Because staffing decisions may have potentially wide-ranging implications, and because
staffing and position decisions must be made in light of the overall needs of the School,
appropriate approvals must be obtained before recommendations may be implemented.


Recognizing that staffing decisions can hold implications extending beyond the unit with the
affected position(s), it is the policy of the Colorado School of Mines that:

2.1 All requests to consider making an existing Classified position or a newly
created position exempt from the state personnel system must first be endorsed
by the President before the request can be submitted to Human Resources for
processing and consideration.

2.2 The final decision to make a position exempt from the state personnel system
rests with the President.

2.3 To exempt a position from the state personnel system, the procedures
established by the Human Resources Office must be followed.


The Associate Vice President of Human Resources shall develop, administer, and maintain
the appropriate administrative procedures and guidelines to implement this policy.