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Please use this form to submit a request for a new technology-related project to CCIT.  Using this form helps CCIT capture new requests and understand the exisitng demand and the corresponding resources needed. This form is for significant requests that will use substantial resources and time. (for example, an effort that takes two or more people more that two weeks to complete)  

If you have an immediate need or a support request, please submit a Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" support request (   For questions or help completing the form, please contact Clayton Durkee at or X3019.  (If you would like to draft your responses, using a copy of this form, before completing your request below, please click here)  

If this project request will involve business process review or re-engineering, please contact the Meridian team at first.

* Requester Name:
* E-Mail:
* Department:
* What do you want this project to accomplish? (Please describe what the project will do and the end result when the project is complete)
* What is the business need/driver that this addresses?
* Please describe the benefits that this project will bring to the university? (Consider both intangible and tangible benefits, potential cost savings, or improving processes, etc.)
* What is the desired completion date: (The projected completion date will be determined based on customer/stakeholder need, resource availability, and other priorities)
* Is money identified for this effort?
* Does it directly relate to a strategic goal of Mines (
(If Yes, please note the specific goal(s) ).
* Does this need to be done to satisfy a Federal, State, or Legal requirement?
(If Yes, please describe what the requirement is that needs to be met.)
* Is this request related to any other active or requested projects?
(If Yes, please note the related projects)
Any additional information about this request that you would like to include?
* Please enter your Director's name and extension (By entering the name you are indicating that your director is aware of and has approved this request)_

* required

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