Project Delivery Process

This page gives access to all of the processes and procedures associated with the Project Delivery Process.  

Project CriteriaPDF versionText only version
This criteria defines which efforts should use the Project Delivery Process.

High Level Summary of Project Delivery ProcessPDF versionText only version

This is a one page high level summary of the process, the people involved, and the deliverables from each phase.

Project Delivery Process (Graphic)PDF versionText only version 
he link above takes you to a graphical overview of the Project Delivery Process.  Following the flow walks you through the process for managing a project.  Each box in the process has a link, that you can click, for more specific information about that particular activity.


Project Delivery Process (Word-based)
The link above takes you to a checklist of the Project Delivery Process.  Going down through the checklist walks you through the process for managing a project.  Each item is linked so that you can click for more specific information about that particular activity.


 Processes and Artifacts by Project SizePDF versionText only version
The link above shows you a chart of all the processes and artifacts for projects based on size.  You can click on any link in the chart and see an approach, a procedure, or a template.  If it is a template, you can save it to your computer for use on your project.

Questions or comments about the processes
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