Title IX Survey Results


Colorado School of Mines administered their first Title IX Survey during the spring of 2017. All undergraduate and graduate students were asked to participate. The survey had several sections that ask about their knowledge, opinions, and beliefs, including how they view various aspects of the Mines culture, as well as their experiences with prohibited sexual conduct.

The goals of the survey are to:

  • Identify and resolve concerns about aspects of campus life that contribute to sexual misconduct;
  • Provide enhanced resources and support to students; and
  • Continue to improve response and prevention efforts around sexual misconduct for the safety of our entire community.

All data was compiled by Mines, and analyzed by a third party consultant.


Please contact Katie Schmalzel (kschmalz@mines.edu) in the Mines Title IX Department if you have any questions about the above documents.

Background Information on the Spring 2017 Survey Administration

Many factors were considered when developing the Mines Title IX Survey. A variety of climate survey tools were reviewed. Some far exceeded the established budget, a handful focused on a scope larger than intended, and others did not meet our expectations in other ways. Not seeing a clear option, we decided to write our own survey and use our budget to hire an outside statistician to review the data. We recognize that one potential challenge with creating a unique tool is that our data cannot be compared to another institution’s data. We decided a well written tool that applied to the Mines campus community, one in which we can administer multiple times, and compare data internally, far outweighed other options. We developed the tool based on the six categories outlined as best practice by the National Association of College and University Attorneys. We took a nod from institutions that shared their tools and designated them as open sourced, including Massachusetts Institution of Technology. The developed tool was reviewed internally by a Mines employed statistician, as well as an external review by the hired statistician to analyze the results.

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