Title IX Resources

If you experience gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship (domestic and/or dating) violence, or stalking, there are many resources on the Mines campus, as well as in the local community.

Counseling Options Agencies Medical Assistance Legal Rights Within Mines FAQ For Trans+ Students



Counseling Options

The Mines Counseling Center offers confidential counseling and support.



The Counseling Center also has a list of off-campus therapists.


The following agencies have 24-hour crisis lines:

Graphic for Blue Bench

The Blue Bench




Graphic for The Center

The Center




Family Tree/Women in Crisis Center



Graphic for Family Tree


Graphic for Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Jefferson Center for Mental Health




Graphic for Victim Outreach

Victim Outreach Incorporated




Graphic for Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network



Graphic for Colorado State Employee Assistance Program

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program


303.866.4314 / 800.821.8154



Medical Assistance

Mines Student Health Center



St. Anthony’s Hospital

11600 W 2nd Place, Lakewood, CO


St. Anthony’s has Forensic Nurse Examiners.



Legal Rights

Additionally, you have legal rights. You have the right to file a complaint with law enforcement and/or with Mines. Law Enforcement Agencies can respond. You also have the legal right to not file a report if you choose.


Colorado School of Mines Police

911 or 303.273.3333

Golden Police

911 or 303.384.8045

Jefferson County Sherriff

911 or 303.277.0211


If the crime occurred in a jurisdiction outside of Golden, then the case will be transferred to the respective jurisdiction.



Within Mines

The Title IX Office manages complaints and assists with remedial measures for victims, including academic accommodations and no contact directives. Mines internal investigation processes are handled as discreetly as possible, but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Mines investigations may result in discipline of an offender. Mines prohibits retaliation for raising complaints of sexual misconduct, stalking, or dating or domestic violence.

You can contact any of the following people if you want to know more about the process or need additional resources:

Coordinators in Title IX Office

Karin Ranta-Curran

Title IX Coordinator + Executive Director

Institutional Compliance and Equity

Guggenheim 211A

krcurran@mines.edu | 303.384.2558

Katie Schmalzel (Confidential Option)

Prevention Program Manager

Institutional Compliance and Equity

Guggenheim 212B

kschmalz@mines.edu | 303.273.3260

Coordinators for Students

Jahi Simbai

Assistant Dean

Office of Graduate Studies

Student Center E145

jsimbai@mines.edu | 303.384.2221

Colin Terry

Associate Dean of Students

Student Life

Center for Academic Services & Advising 102

cterry@mines.edu | 303.273.3081

Coordinators for Employees & Third Parties

Debbie Wernli

Employment Manager

Human Resources

Guggenheim 110

dwernli@mines.edu | 303.273.3494

Coordinator for Athletic Compliance

Dixie Cirillo

Associate Athletics Director

Volk 318

dcirillo@mines.edu | 303.273.3206



Additionally, the following PDF files contain resources for students and for faculty and staff:



Speak-Up at Mines


Submit an anonymous report about a situation that may not be ethical. Reports of gender based discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence can also be submitted here.

Graphic for Speak Up at Mines



Care at Mines


Submit a report about someone you are worried about.

Graphic for Care at Mines



FAQ For Trans+ Students

See thisPDF versionText only version document for information, or click here to navigate to the subpage