Trailhead Known Issues


Trailhead users may occasionally encounter the following...

1. Trouble logging in.
2. Forgotten password.
3. Difficulty viewing the 12-month sick-leave calendar on a Mac.

1 Problem: Don't know your Trailhead login credentials.
Solution: When you are accepted to, or hired by, Mines you will be given information to create your MultiPass account at Use your MultiPass credentials to log into Trailhead. If you have problems with this process, please submit a support request to Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" at

Problem: Forgot your Trailhead password.
Solution 1: If you have previously set your challenge questions at, go there to reset your MultiPass credentials, which are used to log into Trailhead.
Solution 2: Seek help in person at the Computer Commons front desk, CT156a. Please bring some form of government-issued identification.
Solution 3: Submit a Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" support request at for individualized assistance.

3 Problem: Can't view your 12-month Vacation/Sick Leave calendar properly on a Mac.
Solution: This calendar is generated as a PDF file, which can sometimes display improperly on a Mac. To get around this, (a) Download and install Adobe Reader (; (b) Instead of clicking on the "Display the 12-Month Calendar" link, save it as a file (pdfCalendar.asp); (c) right-click on the saved file, select "Get Info", click on the "Open with" selector and select "Adobe Reader", select "Change All".  Now when you click on "Display the 12-Month Calendar", it will always open with Adobe Reader in a new window. Note: More recent versions of OS X tend to work well


These not-so-common problems typically need individual attention and investigation. For more help with these issues, visit the Computer Commons (CTLM 156a) during regular business hours. Or submit a support request through the Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" at

1. Blank SSB Pages
2. Automatic Logout/Session Timeout
3. MSN Explorer/Automatic Logout/Blank SSB Pages


Problem: Blank SSB Pages. User can log into Trailhead, but when they click into Self-Service Banner, pages are blank.


  • May be a web browser security, ad blocking, pop-up blocking or firewall problem.
  • For Internet Explorer or Windows XP, add "" and "" to your Trusted Sites. (See our Modify Trusted Sites help page.)
  • Modify settings for pop-up blocking, ad-blocking and/or firewall settings: add "" and "" to the Permitted or Allowed sites list.
  • For Norton Internet Security or Symantec security products, see our NIS Fix information.
  • For MSN Explorer, see #3 below
  • If you are using multiple security software programs and are unsure of which of the programs is causing the problem, try temporarily disabling one program at a time and testing to see if access to Trailhead/SSB is allowed.
  • Try a different web browser or computer.
2 Problem: User can log into Trailhead, but then are logged out shortly after login or get a "Session Timeout" error message and are logged out.
  • Check your computer's system clock.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • For MSN Explorer, see #3 below.
  • If you continue to have session or timeout problems, please contact the Mines Help Center.
3 Problem: Using a MSN Explorer (through a paid MSN account), user experiences any of the following symptoms:
  • User appears to successfully login to Trailhead, but in a short time (approximately 2 or 3 seconds) is automatically logged out and is presented with a "Logout" screen.
  • User can successfully login to Trailhead, but Self Service Banner pages are blank.
  • Modify MSN Explorer security settings. This may be through an configuration or settings menu or through an MSN toolbar in your web browser: Add "" and "" to a Permitted or Allowed sites list for ad blocking or pop-up blocking.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • We have confirmed the above problems with MSN Explorer but have not found a direct fix. If you find MSN Explorer security settings that allow you to correctly access your Trailhead account, please send details to the Mines Help Center so that we can post the solution here.

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