• Provide the Colorado School of Mines Community with the highest quality voice communication services possible.
  • Inform all campus departments, faculty, staff and students of the latest services and features available.
  • Continue to assist the entire campus community by identifying, understanding and meeting the ever-changing needs placed upon the institutions learning environment.

Telecommunications is converting the campus to a new Telephone system

Have you been converted to the new "OpenUC" Telephone system?

If your telephone has a "Polycom" logo on it then you have been converted to the new OpenUC Unified Communications Telephone/Voicemail system.

  • Visit the new OpenUC page Here.

If your telephone has a "Nortel" logo, "Avaya" logo, or no logo, then you have not been converted yet and you are still on the Call Pilot Voicemail system.

  • Continue to the Call Pilot Voicemail and Dialing Instructions section Here.

Here is a "Quick Click" Guide for Telecommunications Services

Telephone/Voicemail Training

Do you know how to use all the features on your telephone?
Do you know how to use all the features available to you on your Voice Mailbox?
Or maybe you are just a bit rusty?

If you would like a quick refresher course call the Mines Telecommunications Department at 303-273-3866 or email Mines Telecommunications to schedule Telephone System Training.



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