CCIT Special Applications Policy

Definitions and Coverage:
This policy addresses installation of software on computer systems in all Colorado School of Mines computer classroom labs as well as podiums. This document refers and pertains specifically to software (or "special use software") that is not part of the regularly available, legally licensed software provided in these labs by the Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies department (CCIT).

Important General Considerations:

  • Classroom and podium systems have been configured specifically to support Mines academic endeavors. A given feature or function that is normally available on other systems, like a home or office system, may not be available in Computer Commons systems. CCIT cannot promise that special use software will function in our labs, regardless of whether such software works on similar systems outside of our environment. The security and functionality of our systems is paramount; we must maintain the integrity of those systems above special use software.
  • Availability of CCIT staff that can be devoted to the installation and testing of special use software, as defined by this policy, will depend on the time of the academic year and other ongoing or special projects.
  • Other factors that may affect consideration for installing special use software include
    • Cost
    • Impact on local systems, servers, or network operations
    • Amount of advance notice given CCIT for the request
    • General availability of all required resources and CCIT personnel
  • All classroom and podium computers require user logons; software will only be available to current CSM faculty, staff and students unless you make other arrangements with CCIT.


  1. LICENSING - CCIT can not install special use software in the Computer Commons, podium computers or labs without conclusive proof that a valid license agreement exists for the requested number of installations of a given software package. It is the requestor's responsibility to provide this proof and be responsible for any legal issues that may arise in connection with the software installation or use.  Licenses need to be provided for an entire lab not just a few machines in a room.
  2. Please contact CCIT as far in advance as possible; a minimum of fourteen (14) working days will be required for consideration. If the software meets the criteria outlined in this policy and is approved for installation, we will require at least of fourteen (14) working days after we've received the software media to install and test before it will be generally available.  During this time we may ask that the lab be closed to students to allow for installations.
  3. The duration of the software installation must be agreed upon in advance by both parties. Factors taken into consideration will include length of time the software will be needed and demonstrated need or academic use. It should also be noted if software use will be continued in subsequent semesters; all requestors must negotiate an acceptable uninstall date with CCIT. If upgrades will also be required, during original installation or subsequently, CCIT will also require that information and access.
  4. A specific agreement to install and configure special use software for a given semester, class or event does not mean the software will remain available for subsequent semester or classes. Normal events connected to Mines' academic mission or unforeseen circumstances may require CCIT personnel to erase or "rebuild" any system if it needs to be returned to a minimum academic configuration level.
  5. If it is determined during the testing phase that the special use software interferes with security or normal operations of the local system, a server, or network traffic, it may have to be modified or removed without notice and at the sole discretion of CCIT.
  6. CCIT will not be able to provide user support or any other guarantee of functionality or availability for the special use software. The requestor or instructor will be responsible for providing instruction and support. CCIT strongly encourages the instructor to thoroughly test the software once it is installed and ensure it will function as required during their class or event. If testing reveals problems or conflicts with the software installation, CCIT will do what we can to resolve the issues, but we cannot make emergency repairs during a class.

Requestor Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate that the software is related to a Mines academic need
  • Thoroughly test the software and promptly report problems or issues to CCIT via the Mines Help Center
  • Supply CCIT with a valid, available contact and phone number for that contact. CCIT, in turn, will supply the names of at least two CCIT personnel who will act as liaisons regarding any particular special use installation.
  • Provide and maintain any necessary documentation; CCIT does not provide any library space for such documentation and cannot be responsible for any loss of or damages to documentation

CCIT Staff Responsibilities
CCIT will notify the contact regarding the denial or approval of requests within ten working days of our receipt and acknowledgement of the request. A meeting between CCIT and the Mines sponsor, or instructor, may be required to discuss special considerations or unique configurations. If the special use software is installed, CCIT will provide the contacts with any necessary system information, requirements or restrictions (if any) placed on the software use and the duration of the installation.

Other Considerations

  • Does your software run on the Operating Systems currently installed on the systems in the room you would like to use?
  • CCIT computers have sound cards and we can supply speakers or a limited number of headphones for your class. If you need joysticks, a microphone, or other peripheral devices, please plan ahead. We do not supply these items or peripherals.
  • Will your class, event or presentation require a special web browser, plug-ins or version? Please do not assume things will work as you plan, but test them and make sure they do.
  • Can the software be run from a server or will it need to be installed on individual systems?
  • There is no free printing available in the Computer Commons; even class and short course participants must pay the current per-sheet rate for output sent to printers. If you need printing, let your participants know.
  • Are comparable products already installed on any Computer Commons system or in any CCIT lab? Check both the PCs and the UNIX labs for software.
  • Where will the software need to be installed? Will it be needed only on selected machines, like one connected to a scanner, or on regular lab systems? How many machines? All Computer Commons systems or a single lab? If there is valid reason to prefer a given system or lab over another, please provide that explanation to the CCIT liaisons for the project.
  • Will you be providing data CDs or other documentation/programs to your class? Please be responsible for all documents, data and software you require; CCIT cannot assume these responsibilities beyond the installation, testing or troubleshooting of the the software.


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