Room Request Procedure

A request does not mean you have a reservation!

Do not make assumptions about availability based on viewing the room schedule or because you have submitted a request. Submitting a request to reserve a room does not constitute or guarantee a reservation! You must receive a verbal, written, or e-mail confirmation to insure that a room has been reserved for your class or event.

Do one of the following to request a lab reservation:

  • Contact the department program assistant in Campus Computing at 303-273-3433
  • Submit your request via e-mail to

Be sure to include the following information with your request:

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • The department, course number, and section of the class for which you are reserving the room
  • The day(s), start time, and end time of the requested reservation
    • be sure to provide details about whether this is a one-time/one-week type of request or is it for every class in the semester
    • ex. every MWF from 3 to 4pm from August 19 through December 16;
    • ex. Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 4pm for the weeks of September 15, October 20, and November 10.
    • ex Tuesday, October 7 from noon to 4pm and Thursday, December 4 from 1 to 3pm
  • The number of students in the class
  • First and second choices of rooms, if you have preferences
  • How you are planning to use the computers
  • Any special requests or questions you may have about the room or resources

Please note that computer lab builds are designed and implemented during the summer prior to each academic year. Requests for software changes or additions to labs must be made by May 1st for the following academic year. It is very difficult to add software during the academic year and insure operational stability for teaching labs.


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