Vendor: National Instruments.

Supported Operating Systems: National Instruments supports LabVIEW in Mac, Linux and Windows environments.

General Description: National Instruments defines LabVIEW VI's as "virtual instruments, or VIs, because their appearance and operation imitate physical instruments, such as oscilloscopes and multimeters. LabVIEW contains a comprehensive set of tools for acquiring, analyzing, displaying, and storing data, as well as tools to help you troubleshoot code you write. In LabVIEW, you build a user interface, or front panel, with controls and indicators. Controls are knobs, push buttons, dials, and other input mechanisms. Indicators are graphs, LEDs, and other output displays. After you build the user interface, you add code using VIs and structures to control the front panel objects. The block diagram contains this code."

Availability: For classroom/lab availability see

Scope of License: Campus wide site license for CSM owned machines. Research is licensed as long as the machine is owned by Mines. The CCIT LabVIEW license does not extend to personally owned systems. Check the National Instruments academic web site for students and research for information on individual licensing.

Obtaining: If you need LabVIEW installed on a CSM-owned machine, please begin by submitting a request to the Mines Help Center.

Cost to Qualified CSM End-Users: CCIT does not currently charge for use of this license in supported labs and classrooms.

Documentation: Available on the web on NI's LabVIEW Product Support page.

In case of difficulties running the software in a CSM CCIT managed lab:  Contact CCIT via the Mines Help Center. We want the program to be properly installed, licensed and functioning. If you have questions about the use of the program, please contact your instructor, TA or lab manager.

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ArcGIS Virtual Campus Is available for free to campus.

Download an antivirus program
Symantec Endpoint antivirus for Mac or Windows is now available free to the Mines community. 

The license has been updated so that only Fortran Builder is now available.

Wolfram Mathematica:
Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager 9.0.1 is now available.