Getting Started With Campus Computing

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Welcome to Mines! Here's what new students, faculty, and staff need to know about computer accounts and other IT resources on campus.

We're campus Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT for short) and we're here to help.

Whether you are student, faculty, or staff, you will likely use these Mines computer systems as part of your job or course work. You can access them all after you claim your Mines MultiPass account -- your main computer account here at Mines.

  • Email -- MyMail for students and Exchange Mail for faculty and staff
  • The Trailhead campus portal -- one-stop access to crucial administrative and academic resources like class schedules, add/drop, grades, bills, address change, vacation and sick leave (for employees), and more.
  • Linux computer labs throughout campus
  • Windows computer labs and classroom podiums throughout campus
  • Lon-Capa, a learning-online network
  • The school's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Other campus accounts will be brought under the MultiPass umbrella over time.


Mines Emergency Alert (MEA) is an emergency-notification system that sends text and voice messages to the Mines community in the event of a declared emergency. To subscribe to MEA alerts, log in to your Trailhead account and navigate to Self-Service > Personal Information > Mines Emergency Alert System.

The Office of Information Security and Privacy works with the Mines community to increase the security of our information infrastructure, including the data network and connected hosts.

Mines offers a large number of information resources for the campus community. Events of general interest to the campus community are listed in the Mines Calendar. Campus news is available in the Mines Newsroom or via RSS feed. There's even a Mines Mobile app to bring useful news, events, sports and other information to your phone or tablet.


___ Read and understand Mines IT policies and your responsibilities under them.

___ Read about creating good, strong passwords.

___ Activate your MultiPass account.

___ Make sure you can access your email and Trailhead accounts.

___ If you brought a computer to campus, connect it to the Mines network.

___ Install an antivirus on your computer if you don't have one already.

___ Back up your computer (frequently)!

___ Students: In dorms, ask “move-in helpers," other students, or Residence Hall staff for help if needed.

___ Contact CCIT via Mines Help Center "Helpdesk" if problems persist. Or see our trained consultants in the Computer Commons (CTLM building, room 156); they are available during extended business hours for in-person help.


  • Your operating system, hardware driver, and application software disks in case you have to rebuild your system or reinstall applications.
  • A way to back up your system and files, like a rewritable CD/DVD or USB hard drive.
  • A printer and supplies (can be convenient).
  • Identification and contact information necessary to receive warranty service from your vendor should it be required.
  • Appropriate length cables for your monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and other peripherals.
  • A surge protector (or small UPS if you have one).
  • You might consider bringing a security cable, especially for your portable computer. Do not bring any device that requires permanent attachment to furniture or walls.
  • Do NOT bring or purchase a wireless access point. You are not permitted to establish and deliver wireless access services in campus housing units.


  • Never share your Social Security number, PINs, or account passwords with anyone else.
  • Never put this kind of private information in an unencrypted e-mail message. Email is an inherently insecure medium, not too different from sending a post card.
  • If you are issued a password in an email message, you should change it right away.
  • Support staff should not need your password to assist you in any circumstance (though they may ask you to type it in yourself).
  • If you have a Microsoft Windows-based system in particular, we have a site license for virus protection software that extends to your computer. Get it from our web site, use it, and keep it updated (and it's a good idea for Mac OS X and Linux users as well).
  • Routinely update your operating system and application software with any critical security patches that are released.
  • Seek technical help from the web pages or handouts, via helpdesk at the Mines Help Center, from student consultants (CT156), full time staff, or friends. Getting all your accounts and technology set up can seem daunting at first, all will make sense soon. Contact us if we can help.


Contact CCIT
CCIT facilities are primarily housed in the east end of the CTLM building (Center for Technology and Learning Media):

Campus Computing, Communications and Information Technologies:
1650 Arapahoe St.
Golden, Co. 80401

Computing Commons Front Desk:
(303) 273-3431
Office: (303) 273-3430
Fax: (303) 273-3475

Business Mailing Address:
Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, Colorado 80401

About Campus Computing

If you have question or concerns about the content on this page, please submit a request to the Mines Help Center.