Getting Started With RSS Feeds


RSS icon Colorado School of Mines is committed to open and frequent communication with the Mines community and the outside world.


As a result, we provide many ways to receive news and announcements from Mines, including what are known as "RSS feeds." RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication," is a format for sharing and distributing web content, such as news headlines or calendar items. Using an RSS reader (also known as a "feed aggregator"), you can view data feeds from various Mines sources.  


RSS "readers" or "aggregators" display RSS feeds in a simple, easy-to-read format. A number of free and commercial news aggregators are available for download and are available for all operating systems and hardware platforms, including smart phones. Adding an RSS feed to an aggregator is often referred to as "subscribing" to the RSS feed. At the very least, most browsers and email clients will let you view (and sometimes subscribe to) feeds. Finally, many RSS aggregators will notify you immediately when a subscribed feed receives a new news item. This can be important for time-sensitive announcements or news.

Still puzzled about how to access RSS feeds? Talk to a consultant in the CCIT Computer Commons (CT156) or request support from Mines Help Center,


There are many RSS feeds available on the Mines campus. Here are some of the more useful ones:

  • The Mines Public Relations Newsroom feed is a lively source of Mines news and events.
  • The Mines schoolwide calendar feed (also available as an iCal feed for Outlook or Google Calendar) aggregates a number of other calendars, including the OrgSync Student Events Calendar and the Athletics Department Calendar, to produce a master calendar of events of interest to the greater Mines community. 
  • Arthur Lakes Library provides daily announcements of new books acquired by the library.
  • CCIT (campus Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies) uses feeds to advertise service outages and general notices of upcoming technologies and events (or you can view both in one feed).
  • Capital Planning and Construction publishes construction news, road closures, and such via their feed.
  • The facilities outages feed gives a heads-up on upcoming building-repair work and facilities downtime.
  • The Recreational Sports feed keeps you up to date on exercise and sports opportunities offered by the campus Recreation Center.



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