Filter Spam

Quick Start Guide for Spam Identification and Filtering

These instructions work for CCIT's default spam-identification and filtering system.

The best way to filter spam is to request a Quarantine Inbox from CCIT via the Mines Help Center, and then enable it. Mail coming to your address will first be processed through a spam filter and stored online for you to examine periodically. This will prevent "spam-identified" email from being delivered to your regular email Inbox. Or spam can be marked as spam (or suspected spam) and delivered to your regular email program as it arrives. In that case, you can use filters within your email client to sort spam for later examination:
  • If you want to filter all email identified as spam into one spam mailbox with your email client, set up a filter that looks for the text [spam in the subject line (that's including the square bracket). All messages identified as spam by CCIT's spam-identification system will have that text added to the subject line of the spam message.
  • If you want to filter spam identified email into separate mailboxes based on spam score:
    • Test the beginning of the subject line for [spam-medium] to filter email that is possibly spam.
    • Test the beginning of the subject line for [spam-high] to filter for email that has a high probability of being spam.

General information about filtering spam:


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