Adobe AIR

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Adobe Systems

Supported Operating Systems

Windows or Mac OS

General Description

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtim environment. It allows standalone applications built using HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript®, Flex, Adobe Flash® Professional, and Adobe Flash Builder® to be deployed across different platforms and devices. These platforms and devices includes Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS devices, personal computers, and televisions.

Campus Availability

It is avaliable on every computer located in a CCIT managed lab.

Method for Obtaining

This is free software avaliable from Adobe Systems

  • For personally owned machines or machines on which you hold administrative privilege, download from Adobe Systems.
  • For CSM-owned, CCIT managed machines that are not in labs, submit a Mines Help Center request for installation.


Avaliable from the Adobe AIR FAQ page

In case of difficulties running the software in a CSM CCIT managed lab

Contact CCIT via the Mines Help Center!


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