Academic & Administrative Department Support

ADS (Administrative/Academic Department Support) is a group within the Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies Department (CCIT) providing computing support services to academic and administrative departments. The scope of ADS includes support and services for desktop and workstation computers, peripherals and some services. Support for enterprise-wide services such as network, email, World Wide Web, Canvas, and other network based applications is provided by other groups within CCIT.

How to Request Support

The best way is to fill out a Mines Help Center service request form. On campus you can enter just "helpdesk" into your browser to get to the same place. Please fill out this form completely; the quality of the information you provide will enhance our ability to meet your needs. For guidelines on the information to include, please see our Customer Template documentationPDF versionText only version.

In order to best serve all of our users, we must ask you to please use this system and not ask for ad hoc help when you see a support professional in the building. We are trying to give everyone their fair share of attention by organizing our work appropriately, and it is just not fair to have someone cut in line. We will make every effort to prioritize work appropriately.

Who is Eligible for Support?

Faculty, staff and students using school equipment may receive support. Students using privately owned computer equipment may receive support from student consultants in the CTLM Computer Commons (CT156).


Remote Support

If you are working with one of our support professionals remotely, you may be asked to download one of these remote maintenance host applications. Once installed, our support professional will join your active session and provide support in the most efficient way possible. You will see what they are doing and should be in telephone contact while this activity is in progress.


CCIT Remote Control CCIT Remote Control


What computer am I on?

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