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What is ADIT?

ADIT is the CSM Centralized, Campus-wide Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain. The word 'adit' itself means "a nearly horizontal passage from the surface in a mine" (Merriam-Webster Online).

What are the Benefits of ADIT?

There are many benefits to using a central, campus-wide Active Directory. Some of them are:

  • Single Username & Password for all MS-Windows managed systems
  • Common user experience across departments
  • Increased use of shared resources
  • Decreased duplication of support & maintenance

To that end, the following services are offered:

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • File Services
    • User Directories, \\hornet\Users -- these are mapped to the Z: drive on all ADIT workstations
    • Shared Directories, \\files\Shared -- these are mapped to the Y: drive on all ADIT workstations
    • Both can be accessed off-campus via the VPN at
  • Print Services

What changes will I see?

The majority of changes will be transparent to most users, however the following changes will NOT be transparent:

  • Domain Username used to login to File Servers remotely.
    Currently, the AC&N file server 'Hornet' requires the use of "CSMCC\username" to authenticate remotely. This will change to "ADIT\username". Additionally, most departmental servers do not require any Domain preface, i.e., using "username" suffices. This will also be changing to "ADIT\username" as departments transition to being ADIT-Enabled. Here is an example, connecting to 'Hornet':
    Screenshot of ADIT Hornet Login
  • Domain Username used to login to Print Servers remotely.
    Similarly to the file servers, you will now need to specify "ADIT\username" when connecting to the print servers remotely.
  • Domain Username & password used to login to departmental computer labs.
    There will no longer be a separate departmental Domain account, so your ADIT (formerly CSMCC) username & password will be used in place of the departmental username & password. If you do not know your ADIT or MultiPass username & password combination, please visit and reset your MultiPass credential.
  • There will be a concerted effort put forth to advertise in each department when the ADIT-Enabled project will transition a particular department. This will include:
    • Per-Department Email Notifications - detailing the specifics for the department
    • Switch of lab computer desktops to reflect the ADIT-Enabled logo above
    • Hands-on assistance immediately after the transition

When will ADIT-Enabled be implementated?

The current implementation timeline is: (per Windows Domain)

  • CSMCC: August 12, 2006
  • CSMLAIS: Fall Break 2006
  • CSMCH: Fall Break 2006
  • CSMEB: Fall Break 2006
  • CSMGE: Winter Break 2006
  • CSMMME: Winter Break 2006
  • CSMEG: Winter Break 2006
  • CSMESE: Winter Break 2007
  • LIBRARY: Spring Break 2008
  • MINING: Summer 2008
  • CSMPH, MLRC, CSMMA: Decommissioned Samba Domains
  • INFO_SERVICES: Summer 2011

Why another Domain?

To facilitate a more campus-centric approach to Active Directory management.

Please open a ticket at the Mines Help Center with any feedback.

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