Vendor: SIMULIA.

Platforms: SIMULIA manages a platform page: System Requirements.

General Description: SIMULIA advertises that Abaqus Standard enables ...

" ... a wide range of linear and nonlinear engineering simulations to be carried out efficiently, accurately, and reliably. The extensive analysis capabilities, superb performance, thorough documentation, high quality, and best-in-class support make Abaqus/Standard an effective tool for many engineering analysis. Abaqus/Standard is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modeling environment for all common pre- and postprocessing needs. In addition, Abaqus/Standard can be accessed from within many common modeling environments that may be appropriate to your needs."

Scope of License: Some classroom and research

Availability: For classroom/lab availability see http://inside.mines.edu/Campus-Computing-Labs.

Obtaining: If you need an ABAQUS product, please submit a request for installation to the Mines Help Center. You must have the owner of the license send you an email granting you permission to use one of their licenses. Make sure they detail what licenses you need and then paste that entire email into the description field of the request.

Documentation: Available at SIMULIA's Documentation Center.

In case of difficulties running the software in a CSM CCIT managed lab:  Contact CCIT via the Mines Help Center. We want the program to be properly installed, licensed and functioning. If you have questions about the use of the program, please contact your instructor, TA or lab manager. 

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