Communications from the Provost: 2014-15

Formal request for individuals to express their interest in being considered for the interim CITL director’s position November 18, 2014PDF versionText only version
Deans’ authority memo October 21, 2014PDF versionText only version
New Appointments: Interim Dean in CASE (Dr. Kaufman) and Interim DH in MME (Dr. Reimanis) October 10, 2014PDF versionText only version
New Appointments: Dr. Ozkan (PE department head), Dr. Hogue (Hydrologic Sciences and Engineering Program Director), and Dr. Singha (Hydrologic Sciences and Engineering Program Associate Director) October 3, 2014PDF versionText only version
"Strategic Plan: Status Update" at Faculty Conference August 18, 2014
“Emerging Concerns” Presentation at Faculty Conference August 18, 2014
New Appointments: Michael Erickson (CIO), Leslie Light (EPICS Director), Dr. Squier (PH department head), Dr. Wu (CH department head) August 13, 2014PDF versionText only version


General Contact Information

Tel: (303) 273-3320
Fax (303) 273-3040

Academic Calendars

Dr. Tom Boyd
Interim Provost
(303) 273-3020

Kevin Moore
Dean of CECS
(303) 273-3898

Michael Kaufman
Dean of CASE
(303) 273-3009

Ramona Graves
Dean of CERSE
(303) 273-3746

Kay Godel-Gengenbach
International Programs
(303) 384-2120

Lara Medley
(303) 273-3204

Sam Spiegel
Director Trefny Innovative Instruction Center
(303) 273-3884

Wendy Zhou
Dean of Graduate Studies
(303) 384-2181

Werner Kuhr
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(303) 384-2312

Jennie Kenney
Director of Academic Affairs Operations
(303) 273-3399

Aurea Tolnay
Academic Affairs Administrative Specialist
(303) 273-3320