Associate Provost

Dr. Thomas Boyd, Interim Provost

Dr. Boyd received his baccalaureate and masters degrees in geophysics from Virginia Tech. While at Tech he worked on high-resolution earthquake location techniques with application of better defining the Wadati-Benioff zone geometry underneath Peru. He then continued his educational activities at Columbia University, working on a variety of issues related to the seismicity of the Aleutian arc, constraining earthquake kinematics from far-field seismic observations, and in defining the three-dimensional structure of the upper mantle along the Aleutian arc. After serving post doctoral and research faculty appointments within the Department of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines, Tom was hired by the Department as an an assistant professor in 1993. While a professor in the Department, Tom was selected by the Department’s graduating seniors as outstanding faculty member seven times, and graduated three PhD students and eight Masters students. After receiving promotion and tenure (1998), Tom did a one-year sabbatical at NCAR where he served as Manager of Technical Development for the DLESE (Digital Library in Earth System Education) Program Center. In this role, Tom was a member of the DLESE leadership team and oversaw the infrastructure development for the digital library. Upon returning to Mines, Tom has served in a number of administrative positions including: continued work with NCAR as Outreach Coordinator for the DLESE Program Center, Associate Graduate Dean, Graduate Dean, and Associate Provost. Tom currently holds the position of Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies.

The Associate Provost is part of the leadership team for Academic Affairs and in this role assists the Provost and works collaboratively with the deans, department heads, faculty, to fulfill the mission of the Office of Academic Affairs in a collaborative and collegial manner. The Office provides leadership and services to the University in all academic program, budget, faculty and student matters. For the Associate Provost, broad areas of responsibility include assisting with personnel issues, engaging in the implementation of various academic plans and policies, and ensuring that quality educational services are delivered in accordance with the Faculty Handbook and federal and state legislation. The Associate Provost leads the institution’s efforts to review and revise the Faculty Handbook, manages the Academic Affairs Procedures Manual, leads the institution’s accreditation activities, oversees the Offices of International Programs and Graduate Studies, assists deans, department heads and faculty in navigating administrative processes and procedures, and acts as a liaison to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Associate Provost is also available to meet with faculty and students to discuss individual concerns.

The Graduate Dean, working closely with the administration, Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, Faculty and Students advocates for graduate education at Mines and has broad oversight authority over the Office of Graduate Studies. The Dean works with individual faculty and students to develop and implement new programs and processes. The Dean interfaces with, and advocates for Graduate Student Government, and helps to resolve disputes between graduate students and their faculty advisors. The Graduate Dean ensures policies, procedures and academic requirements are up-to-date, consistently administered, and aligned with best practices. The Office of Graduate Studies is responsible for the administration of all graduate admissions activities, matriculation of new graduate students into degree programs, development and enforcement of administrative processes related to graduate studies, monitoring graduate student progress toward degree, thesis format review and processing, verification of satisfactory completion of degree requirements, posting of graduate degrees, and leading institutional activities related to commencement ceremonies related to graduate students. Day-to-day oversight of the operation of the Graduate Office is delegated to the Assistant Graduate Dean.



General Contact Information

Tel: (303) 273-3320
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Academic Calendars

Dr. Tom Boyd
Interim Provost
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Kevin Moore
Dean of CECS
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Michael Kaufman
Dean of CASE
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Ramona Graves
Dean of CERSE
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International Programs
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Lara Medley
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Sam Spiegel
Director Trefny Innovative Instruction Center
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Wendy Zhou
Dean of Graduate Studies
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Werner Kuhr
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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Jennie Kenney
Director of Academic Affairs Operations
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Aurea Tolnay
Academic Affairs Administrative Specialist
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